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Balsa USA Gold CA Glue?

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OK,. I give up! Three times I've taken my bottle of USA Gold CA glue back to my fly shop because, even unopened, the glue is STUCK in the bottle! I mean, I buy it a month earlier and when I want to use it, it stays put in the bottle! This is the glue highly praised by crease fly tiers as being the best. I'm assuming my flyshop is selling so much of this glue that my bottle would be fresh. Not so. I can tilt it in any direction and it STILL stays put! All this for about $6 a bottle! Any of you guys have the same problem or have you just stopped buying this glue? Any suggestions? Or does my local flyshop just have an old supply of this glue? Do you favor any other brands for the tying of Blados' Crease Fly?
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flysully, the only bottle I ever bought had the same problem. I suppose if you used the whole bottle in one sitting you might be ok.
A friend recently recommended the loc-tite gel formula ca glue as an alternative.
I have not tried it yet, but he says it's good stuff and is readily available in hardware/auto parts stores.
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i had also had the same problem twice one just opened and one unopened i personally ((not to offend anyone or ruffel any feathers)) but the balsa usa glue is crap...
zap a gap is just as good if not better for crease flies and whatever else you can use it for. for crease flies i would suggest useing zip kicker with any ca glue to insure quick adhesion and a perfect fit. maby Buzzi will chime in on this one he tought me how to tie crease flies and does some beautiful work. sometimes the zap a gap aplicater tube gets clogged but jamming a bodkin in there makes quick work of the clog other than that i have a 2 year old bottle that is still in working order.
Good Luck

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The "gold" formula is a very pure and sensitive CA glue. Be it Balsa or Bob Smith Industries it's the same kind of formula. One of the reasons it works so well with Crease Flies is you do not need to use Zip Kicker with it. It will not last as long as the regular CA glues formulas. That said I have a bottle of Balsa on my bench that has been there since January. It is open and used but capped. It is still in perfect shape. I think your shop needs to check it's supply, they might have a bad batch.
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Thanks, Tidewater, for your encouraging comments regarding the Balsa Gold CA glue. I know, from talking with Joe Blados, that this is the glue he favors as he feels it's superior to others and that's why I gave it a second chance. Based on my two disappointing experiences with the glue plus two similar negative comments about it tonight, I guess you were one of the lucky ones in getting a nice fresh bottle. Not that I doubt you but I just can't believe a bottle could stand open, or even capped for two or three months on a fly table and not solidify based on the new unopened bottles I've had. Maybe they've got a quality control problem, who knows? However, I do appreciate everyone's input here and will probably stick to the old fashioned CA glue with the Zip Kicker which, in my applications, does just fine.
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Did a little further research on how to best use the Balsa USA super C/A glues. Here's a link to tips on keeping it fresh longer:

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Green Zap works fine. I can keep it on my desk for months on end with no problems. I put a small tube in the tip, about 4†long, and it will not get hard. If the tube gets clogged, just snip a small piece off and you are back in business. I also by the very small bottles of it be cause how much can you use and a few months. If it goes bad, o-boy I guess I will have to go shell out another $3 for a new fresh one. (Heck, I can find more than that in my couch)

I make a lot of crease flies and developed a much faster and simpler way of attaching foam. After the tail is on the hook. I test fit my foam body to my hook before I touch the CA glue. I brush some kicker on the hook shank and some further back into the tail material where the foam will go. The extra will help prevent the CA from moving back into the tail and making the tail hard as a rock and worthless. I try not to spray kicker because it gets all over the place. Put it in an empty nail polish bottle and it works fine. Once the kicker is on, I put some CA on the inside bottom seam and fold it together to get the CA on the other inside bottom edge of the foam. Now I position it over the hook and put it on the hook. The CA and the kicker make the foam attach to the hook instantly. No mess, no glue on the foam, no glue up in the tail and your fingers are not glued together. If the foam is not completely attached, turn the fly over and put a drop in the gap and squeeze. I like to let the foam extend a little long and then do a final trim with a double edge razor (not single)

Brad W. Buzzi
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Your tips on assembling Crease flies, Brad, make a lot of sense. I also have Zap a Gap on my table and use it all the time with no problems. It's just the short shelf life of the CA glue which is frustrating. I like your hints about applying the kicker to the hook and then the CA glue to one side of the body seam. Thanks for the hints!
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Joe Blados turned me on to Tower Hobby for their CA glues and epoxy. I've never had a problem with the CA glue in thin or medium formulas. The 30 minute epoxy doesn't yellow as fast as the 5 minute and is thin enough brush on Crease Flys for a light coat. Also I never put the top on my CA glue, I buy the large size and use it to the end.
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Saltyh20fly: I never HAD a chance to make the choice as to whether to leave the top on or off with my second unuseable bottle of CA glue! I came back from a trip a month after the purchase to find a brand new unopened bottle of Balsa USA premo-priced @ $6 or so glue solidified in its bottle, thus my complaint! I've read all pros about leaving it uncapped for months on your fly table, or storing it in the fridge, etc. but when it's unuseable from the get-go, it gets frustrating. Glad you've had such good luck with yours. The NJ fly shops must really turn over their stock compared to the one I've been frequenting. Unfortunately, the other shop I purchase from doesn't even carry CA glue, only Zap. My only other choice is to deal directly with Tower and forget about their shipping cost on a 1 oz bottle of CA glue!
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Try a local hobbie shop. You might get better results than the fly shop. Better turn over of product.
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flysully...solid after a short time...send it back. What I do is buy the Special Offer of three large bottles and put them in the drawer and use them as needed, so far mine have not turned solid. I do the same with the 30 minute Epoxy (order the large bottle in a set of three) so shipping doesn't matter. If you have someone that tyes flys you can split the price. I use CA between tying steps to make the flys more durable plus I use it to fix things around the house from time to time. Shoot me an e-mail if you want to order, I'm running low on epoxy so I may order in the near future.
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