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Lure Plans

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I have been looking around for ideas on some shop projects to do, and i figured why not make something I will use often. I was going to take an existing lure and copy it and go from there, but my teacher requires plans, plus i would not be sure on materials, weight, etc. So if anyone could throw me some plans, that would be great. I would like to build a lure for surf or jettie fishin.

thanks alot
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Take an exsting plug, measure it up, and make your own plans. The last couple of issues of the fisherman mag had some good plug building articles with basic drawings.

- - SK
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Originally posted by Striperknight:

Take an exsting plug, measure it up, and make your own plans. The last couple of issues of the fisherman mag had some good plug building articles with basic drawings.

- - SK
Hey thanks Striperknight,
thats what i planned on doing, but should i just ask my teacher what its made from or look up what it made of, then turn it on the lathe to the same demensions and the weight will be ok?? Also how should i test the swimming action, should i use it or just pull it along in the water?

thanks alot
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You may or may not be able to find out what a commercial plug is made from. You could take dimensions from an existing plug to make up the plans, then turn your own from those plans. Weight may be off, even if you do use the same wood. Gotta remember to weigh them in the same place and use the same size hooks. Test by taking down to the water and cast it a few times.

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You are finding the inner workings of plug building. It's your choice what to make it out of. If you have questions on Each step then ask away. What I would do is first get an existing plug you like to use. Then take it apart. Yes take it apart if you need a beater e-mail me and I will send you one to destroy. Take each part and see the nuts and bolts and see how they fit together. Start easy go with a pencil popper, or needle. You will end up with A piece of wood, a piece of wire, a swievel. some grommets and some lead for ballast. Ah heck all even give you a parts list here.
1. 8" piece of wood. Can be pine but red cedar or Yellow cedar would be better
2. Stainless steel wire 308L or 316L appx 15 " inches long
3. 1 2/0 or 3/0 swievel
4.brass or stainless steel grommets 1 large one for the belly hook two small for the through wire hole.
5 egg sinkers to weight the butt end.
6. Paint Keep it simple. Get some aresol cans
7. primer
8. and a type of finish that won't be too hard for you to work with. Try a spray can type.
There are some schematics on the site on certain plugs but you will have to search the archives.
Anyway ask away if you have any specific questions guys will jump in if you are asking direct questions on what you need to know.

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Hey thanks alot for the help guys and I'll ask if I have any problems. I'll keep you guys posted on how it turns out.

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Do you Plug Builders make plans of your Plugs on a piece of paper and pencil? Just curious Because I'm a AutoCAD Drafter and would be willing Copy your Plans and put them on CAD
for you. Anyone interested let me know
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Auto cad plans of all those plugs... Hmmmmmm... wouldn't that be a treasure trove?
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Jay R
Of course I would be willing sign some kind of aggreement stating the CAD Files belong too you
Builders. I'll be Honest I'm not a Plug Builder
And I figured out the only way to get some of the plugs I've been Drooling over is by having
really popular Gear or Custom Plugs to trade and since I don't Build plugs I figure I could offer my CAD skills for Plugs. Heck it was worth a Try
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