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Painting spinner blades

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Where I fish a lot of people use painted spinner blades.

I have no problem painting the blades, it is the clear protective coat I am curious what to use. I believe the factory blades have some sort of laquer on them Anybody have any ideas on what I could spray on the blades to protect the paint?
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I've done a few spinner blades. Just used powder paint like I do with jigs. Hit the blade with some fine sandpaper first. Rustoleum will do in a pinch too.

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Depends on what you're going to expose them to, I suppose....Fro fresh water stuff like trout, bucketyaps, I'd just used a coat of krylon clear-coat. For toothy things like pike/bluefish, or rugged areas around the shores and reefs I'd be inclined to use devcon 30 min epoxy, even if you had to thin it with a drop or two of acetone.

I know it's a waste to paint them and then not protect them - A bud of mine experimented with some willowleaf spinners on his fluke rigs and they got munched in a few drifts.
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