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Another question...Epoxy dry time?

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Sealed my plugs with Devcon 2 ton 30 minute epoxy between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m this morning.

They're still very tacky 12 hours later. Package says drys in 8 hours.

When will these be dry???

Needed to ship tomorrow for the Newbie plug swap.
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hey mike d that means you didnt mix the epoxy good have to mix it good around 2-3
mins and make sure its above 60 where your working
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So what's my next step?

Remix and coat overtop of existing tacky epoxy?

I believe my mix was even and mixed them until cloudy in color. Should I not use it right away. Not sure what I did wrong.
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Mike, it sounds like you might be a little light on the hardener, those syringe things are really tough to get exact. Just leave it alone for now, a few more days wont hurt but it will dry eventually.
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you said you mixed it until cloudy...

devcon epoxy you mix from clear to cloudy to clear again

give it a day or two if still tacky get another perfectly mixed coat over it and you will be fine..

if you do need the second coat get maby a little faster dry time
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That says it all Mike "till cloudy in color". Keep mixing until CLEAR! I always mix for 1.5 minutes at least. ALSO, do not use more hardener and think it will be a harder finish...just stays tacky. Yes you can mix another batch and epoxy over the tacky one. I assume that you've guessed by now that I've been there done that...LOL
I'm a newbie also, about three or four months, but have learned volumes from the guys on this site.
Another little tip about epoxy...
First I must thank H'Islander for all of his input from wood selection to epoxy finish....
Someone was asking about bubbles in the epoxy, and I think H'Islander said to use a hair dryer to allow the bubbles to dissipate. He is exactly correct.
I've experimented a bit with the 2 ton epoxy and have found that it works REALLY WELL if heated. I use a hot water bath to loosen up the epoxy and hardener and then mix. It mixes beautifully, spreads very easily AND there are few if any bubbles. If there are any bubbles I hit it with an old hair dryer that I saved to dry my old boot foot waders. The waders are dead but the dryer is still drying! Another tip is to not mix more than you can use before it starts to set up a bit, usually about 10 –15 minutes. I do not do more than 2 plugs with the same brush. Remember the epoxy is setting up in the brush as you apply it. The flux brushes that the guys mentioned are the best things that I've ever used and I have also found a solvent that allows me to clean them. It's called xylene. Xylol may be the shelf name. If I'm adding any diamond dust to the epoxy I make sure that I have 2 SEALED jars of xylene, one for the dusted epoxy and one for the plain. What ever you do read the WARNINGS CAREFULLY. This stuff is DANGEROUS. If you think that vapors from paint are explosive, multiply that a bit and you've got one of the xylene dangers. You must work in a ventilated space or under an exhaust fan that IS SPARK FREE!
Good luck
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Mix a new batch very well and recoat. You will still make tomorrows ship deadline!!
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one more note while on the subject of epoxy.

heating it causes it to dry quicker.
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Thanks all.

Sounds like I didn't mix long enough.

One of three is nice and dry today. I believe the other two will be by tonight. Doing a few more, the right way, this morning just in case.
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on a few plugs I had a couple of tacky spots, not the whole plug. weird...anyway, rather than recoating the whole thing, I hit the tacky spots with clear nailpolish, worked great
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I just wanted to repeat one thing that was said - equal volumes of the epoxy and resin are important.

I've had trouble with tacky epoxy too and it seems to be caused by either not enough mixing or not being careful that volume of hardener is as clsoe as possible to exactly the same as volume of resin.

I use a pourable epoxy product that is meant to give a thick coating to a bar or table or omething. Not sure of the name, but get it at Home Depot near the polyurethane. It takes about two days before it dries enough that you can handle the plugs.

Mix and mix some more.
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As far as cleaning the flux brushes goes. DON'T. Just throw them away. They only cost around a quarter. Not worth messing with xylene over. Xylene can attack your brain and central nervous system. Is it really worth saving 25 cents?
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DMac, you're correct. Only time I clean a brush is if I have no more to work with at the time, or I'm doing a large amount of epoxying at once. You're very right about the brain damage...but I think it happened long ago from getting so wrapped up in FISHIN' least that's what my wife says...LOL
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Instead of Xylene I use rubbing alcohol to clean the brush when coating with devcon and it seems to work well enough. I use the cheap kids brushes from wally world.
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I use the brush that has a plastic handle and
the bristles are molded in and will not
come out. The brush is found in the model
car dept. at Walmart for 97 cents. I use it
over and over by hanging it in an prescription
bottle with acetone. Drill a small hole in the
cap and pull the handle of the brush up through
the top until it is tight.

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