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Wood Density Chart

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In my search for he right wood for the job, I found these measurements of wood density. Obviously this number varies dependant on the particular specimen and how seasoned (dried) it is. But this will give an idea for comparison purposes. The numbers indicate lbs/cu. ft.

Sea water has a density of 64lb/cu.ft
Lead has a density of 710 lb/cu ft.

Ebony (Ironwood) 63 lbs/cuft
Live oak 59
Chestnut oak 54
Hickory 49
White oak 46
Elm 45
Yellow long leaf pine 44
Hard maple 43
Teak 43
Birch 43
Red oak 41
Black oak 41
Chestnut 41
Ash 40
Black walnut 38
Yellow short leaf pine 38
Cherry 35
White maple 33
Oregon pine 32
Douglas fir 32
Cypress 32
Mahogany 31
Poplar 30
Red pine 30
Hemlock 29
Ponderosa pine 28
White spruce 27
Aspen 27
Redwood 26
White walnut 26
White pine 26
Eastern fir 25
Red cedar 23
White cedar 22
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cool stuff.and very informitive.thanks for the info oz.

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Very interesting, thanks for the info. Mike
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Very usefull info. Thanks OZ
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So are you saying I shouldn't use hickory to make top water plugs.Cause I got a lot of hickory laying around,all nice and dry waiting to go on the lathe.
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I would say anything, and everything on the list is useable... even the ebony wood. It's just that adding any lead to the denser woods -- like hickory -- will obviously increase it's propensity to sink rather than float.
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You don't want a hard dense wood for swimmers.It needs to be bouyant so the lure swims right.It's good for darters, pencil poppers and needles though.How about Basswood?What's the desity rating on that?Virtually all mass production lure makers either use white cedar or basswood.
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The hardwoods eat up your tools real fast too.Drill bits don't last too long if your drilling out hardwood bodies lengthwise.
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Yea - I was watching the smoke rise as I was drilling one of those squid bodies the other day. Time to finish up the dozen sittin in limbo......time to go fishin.
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10x10... I have a chart of woods, by specific gravity (different measure than Oz's). It's limited to roughly 150 common varieties of trees found growing in the eastern US.

In this chart, the SG of water = 1.00... basswood = 0.32
northern white cedar = 0.29
atlantic white cedar = 0.31

Some other "light" woods include balsam poplar and black cherry (0.31), cottonwood (0.32), fraser or balsam fir and white pine (0.34).

Someone mentioned in another post about having some sweetgum... it lists with a SG = 0.46, which is a similar SG to many maples.
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