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LL Bean return policy question

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Actually 2.

Question 1: I have a pair of ankle high waterproof hunting boots that are about 20 years old. The leather uppers are in good condition - just about broken in but the rubber soles have all but lost their tread. Is it worth my while to ask about repairing/replacing?

Question 2: Has anyone ever returned a product because you "undergrew" it? Example, you buy a jacket when you weighed say 260lbs and a year later you're down to 190. The jacket is now too big for ya. Ethics aside is this doable?

New Englanders are somewhat known to be a little frugal eh.

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They have replaced 4 sets of waders over the last 12 years due to poor craftsmanship without question and have reimbursed me on top of it because they were either out of stock or on sale.
Call them, state your claim and they'll probably tell you to send them back. They want your business. They aren't going to lose money at this point. Explain just as you did here. Good luck.
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I believe LL Bean has a specific point aobut ethics in it's return policy. Something along the lines of letting your conscience dictate if the forty year boots really gave you a good deal for the money, and whether they failed to do their stated job, or just time to buy a new set. As for the coat....several options, ebay, private sale, donation as a tax write off. Not sure that tradig down is doable, but they worse they can say is no. S
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LL Bean will replace the bottoms of any of their "LL Bean" boots. I have had it done several times since I first bought my boots in 1978. Additionally, they will repair the leather uppers, replace worn eyes or lacing hooks at no additional cost (and usually send ya new laces ).

I bought a denim shirt from them a long time ago. After the first couple of washings one of the flaps on the pocket sorta curled. I couldn't get it to lay flat regardless of what I tried. It had to be at least 5 years later when I'd decided to send it back. They sent me a new shirt.

They do stand behind their products.
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I cant beleive, that someone would even concider this. Boots that lasted 20 years and what you think they owe you more. Bay a new pair. As far as the coat goes you got to be kidding, you lose weight, and LL Bean should get you a new coat. I bet your just a blast to go out to dinner with, and try to split a bill with.
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Hey weatherguy, thanx for the constructive criticism. Now I know why Reagan fired y'all.

You wanna attack the question have at it. Going after the individual is below the belt.

Go back and reread the first question. Look at the last two words. Where in hell do I suggest that they "owe me more"?

So I get a $400 coat last Xmas, wore it once, hung it in the closet and find out now it's too big. What, you never returned something that didn't fit ya?

Sincere thanx to the rest of ya. I'll be near the LL Bean outlet in Conway, NH over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I'll bring the stuff with me (actually the boots are always in the jeep) and run it by them. Oh, Fish Wish, I'm still using the original laces!
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Give me a break

So I get a $400 coat last Xmas, wore it once, hung it in the closet and find out now it's too big. What, you never returned something that didn't fit ya?

Question did it fit when you got the coat? If the answer is yes then explame how that is the problem of LL Bean.
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Had my Bean Hunting Boots also for almost 20 years. Sent them back at least 3 times now and they come back practically brand new except for the fact that the leather is all broken in. They stiched on new bottoms and stiched up the leather in a few spots

I should also mention that a friend of mine in college had a really beat up pair of camp mocs that he sent back and they informed him that they were beyond repair and sent him a new pair free of charge.
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LL Bean aims to please. Losing weight is not their problem but keeping and making a future profit from a customer is in their best interest.

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“If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we'll replace it or give you your money back. It's that simpleâ€

That is a quote from LL Bean.

Bean like a few other companies charge more than the product is “worth†IMO. But when you factor in their return policy If at any time you are not happy with your purchase, return it for a full refund or replacement. That makes the additional cost worth it IMO.
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How about this? "Hey Paul, you lost 50 lb? Way to go!!" Send em the jacket and see what they do. I'll quarantee they won't shoot you! They will do a retread on the boots as well.
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Ah, just for the record .... YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET THE BOOTS RESOLED!

Geeze Louise ...
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I think honesty is the best policy with LL Bean. I bet if you tell them that you lost weight and never really used the coat they would send you a new one. Either that or you could just start eating a little more hearty and keep the coat you've got. My father in law accidentally burned up a few shirts from LL bean when he was burning left over boxes from Christmas. He called LL Bean to order more (with no intention of getting anything for free) but happened to mention what he'd done to the lady he was ordering from. They sent him all new stuff free of charge! I try not to take advantage - but will always do business with companies like that.
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20 Years?? geeze, send the boots back in to get new bottoms sewed. as for the big coat???still wear it, if its a little big? who cares? were all guys here arent we?

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I bought a leather bombers jacket before my injury.
After the injury and 60 pounds lighter I returned the jacket. I told them the exact truth as I did not have my sales receipt. They found the transacttion in my file and refunded the full purchase price. Class Outfit
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