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who's the hottest news chick??

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My favorite is the red head on CNN in the evenings- Heidi Collins, I think. something about that red hair, blue eyes, "I'm all business" attitude that makes me think.... who's your favorites??
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Here's a second vote for Heidi.Red hair and blue eyes!!Ohh Yeaaa!!!

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I want to put a bag over Greta's head with one hole! The false teeth come out and CHEW, GNAL, CHEW, GNAL, CHEW.
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We been thru this before Robin Meade...CNN Headline news 6am to 9am, Great way to start the day.
Somebody post a pic, please...
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Beth Trapani CN8 KYW TV out of Philly.
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You guys forgot Cecily Tynan (don't know the spelling) but she was on CH 6 and also is a beach lover and ran in one of the races in our area in the rain with sportage showing.

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Not sure if you guys see her or not,but in CT local news on CBS,I think Denise Decenzo is very hot for a "muture" news woman
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Im likin Heidi Collins too, those blue eyes just jump at ya.

Don't tell me when I'm going to die, tell me where and I won't go there.
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Robin Heidi Beth


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Wasn't Heidi Collins in the B-52s??
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Lori Dhue, Fox News! Ohh, those lips!

She's the reason they call it the "Fox" News Channel.

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My heart belongs to Emma Crosby Emma reports for CNBC Europe from London.

Lately, Patti Ann Brown (Fox News) has been looking really good too
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Diane McInernery (sp?) who transferred from news 12 LI to Fox 5 is also a babe.
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For those of us in the NY Area, the Traffic Reporter on WB11 in the AM Marisol Castro is smokin'

On ABC7 in NY, has anyone noticed Rebecca Rankin?

ABCNews' Elizabeth Vargas is right there with them - she has nice lips

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Only in America! Vote for your favorite war bunny
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