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SNL Top moments on E!

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I hate to admit this, but I got hooked in. I just wanted to see what number 1 was.

Do you know what they picked? When Aerosmith was on Wayne's World.

I sat here and I said, "Are you kidding me?" I do have to give credit that they put Christopher Walken's Cowbell in at number 2.

What do you think number 1 should be?

I think it should be the Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor exchange of racial taunts.

When Pryor says, "Dead Honkey", I just die laughing.
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Personally, I'm partial to the Rosanna Bananadana one where Gilda starts talking about Dr. Joyce Brothers' sweatball...or Dan Akroyd's skit about that Bass-O-Matic blender....even Belushi's Samurai Deli or Tailor....Garret Morris as the Irish Tenor...damn....thare's too many of them!!
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There was one where Belushi was the captain on an old sailing ship, and Michael Palin was the cabin boy.
Belushi was a little gay (or maybe just lonely) and was prone to some kind of fits, so he wore this drool bucket around his neck, and Palin's job was to empty the bucket.
It was hilarious, I'm laughing just thinking about it.
That original cast was something else. We used to go out on Saturday nights then go to someone's house to watch SNL, and then go back out.Good memories there.
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Jane you ignorant $lut!
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"Hi, I'm Chevy Chase....and you're not!!"
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Last time I posted it here, Tim deleted it (not before chuckling), but it has to be Deniro reading the wanted terrorists list.

let's see, the partial list would include

M'balz Es-Hari

Grabbour Boubi, and

Hous Bin Pharteen...

"Can you tell us about Hous Bin Pharteen?"

"Yes, he is a silent but deadly killer."
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The original SNL cast had a lot of classic moments. Blues Brothers, Samurai anything, Land Shark, Chee Boiga Chee Boiga, Mr Bill etc. I think any one of those deserves a top 5 spot but for some reason, Eddie Murphy as Gumby REALLY cracks me up. Anyone know where that landed?
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Steve Martin.."Theadoric of York...Ancient Barber"
Blood letting with leeches
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Two wild and crazy guys

Followed by Bill Murray's lounge singer

Phish on Waynes World was great. I was in the live audiance for that one
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Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat always cracked me up too.
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Probably my favorite SNL skit was when Phil Hartman played Bill Clinton running into the Mickey D's and mooching foods from all the customers. Then he delivers a good explaination of how all the food and aid sent to Somalia gets intercepted by warlords(as he snatches more food off someone's food tray.)

I miss him-he was excellent.
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Best music moment-Rod Stewart and Tina Turner doing "Hot Legs". I thought the stage was going to melt!
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Originally posted by Andrew B.:

Two wild and crazy guys
"me and my brother are from czhecolosvakia and we are cruising for girls with large american breasts"
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Jeopardy skit where Darryl Hammond plays Sean Connery

See em here.... #13 is my favorite...."Japan US Relations"
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Happy Fun Ball skit from many years ago has always stayed with me.
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