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no acorns this year

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last year and many years before , my yard was almost completely cover under each tree in acorns . i gathered buckets and fed the squirrels all winter. this year not a one what gives? any tree experts out there that can splain????
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We have a decent amount on my property - I'm not sure but it could be from the amount a rain we've had this year.

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I think the ones in central Jersey all blew away.
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I worked in the tree biz for a long time. The acorn crop (referred to as 'Mast') is cyclicle. Some years the trees produce incredible amounts of fruit, some years very little. If memory serves me right, oaks pollenate in February / March in this region (7). I'm not aware of frost being a problem as we have hard freezes well into April here.

There are certain insects that can affect the crop but generally that sort of damage is confined to a select few trees.

I can't remember the number of years in the cycle.
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bad year for the white oaks, no acorns at all, in fact,judging by the leaves this year both mine and my neighbors look like they might croak . way below average for the red oaks too. my hickorys did themselves proud and the maple trees had a huge seemingly year long seed pod explosion. my treeman tells me its both cyclical and weather related.
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The Bass ate em all
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Where I'm located (Long Island/south shore) the Acorns are raining down like crazy.

Interesting question!
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Another point to consider ... this year we had alot of rain. If you'll recall last year it was anything but wet. Public pools weren't being filled due to the drought.

Trees store sugars in their heart wood. The lack of rain in 2002 certainly would contribute to a reduced Mast in 2003.
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Bad year for white oaks, but the red oaks were raining down, same with the black oaks. Swamp oaks were OK, as were the pin oaks.
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Talk about the scant mast crop this year has been going on since about August. It's going to be a very tough winter for deer and turkeys, which are plentiful and rely on this critical food source for the necessary carbohyrates to keep them healthy throughout the winter.

It's made deer hunting a bit more unpredictable than in recent years because the deer are often having to spend more time wandering in order to find adequate food but the movements have been more difficult to pattern.
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I'm down in VA, and was pondering the exact same thing the other day while doing the leaves. Not complaining just wondering.
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RW, in years with low mast look for a grove of wild cherry's. Believe it or not, deer and turkey eat the seeds of cherry when the mast is poor.
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Fish Wish;
You nailed it buddy. The mast crop is cyclicle. I watch the white and red oaks on my property every year. This year is light.
Good info!!
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