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Tarring the driveway

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Going to put down a layer of tar for the upcoming winter. Which works better. Squeegee or paint roller. I heard the squeegee fills in and makes it more even.
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I have the pros do it so it stays off the cobblestone.First guy brushes it in with a 3 ft brush and the second guy comes down with the 3 ft squeegie.Hope this helps.
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Tank yu Hagar. It will.
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I worked for an asphalt company, that refused to do sealing, and my boss said that the sealer is just a gimmick to make money. It is a repeat application that is completely unnessary. First the company gets you to seal the driveway to protect it, then they get the follow up every few years. The alligator cracking that most people see is do to the sealer cracking, not the driveway. So for asthetics, people are resealing the sealer, under the impression they are doing something for the driveway. Look at a roadway, much more abuse and no sealer applied.

If a driveway is installed correctly (enough blend, remove roots) it shouldn't be necessary to fill cracks. The most important part of driveway longevity is to get the state mix of asphalt not the typical commercial mix that most companies use on driveways. It may not be as pretty and smooth when it's done, but it is much better quality.

Some people just have to have that nice black look, so I would do it for them, but never recommend it. Whenever I did a resealing job, we used the pails of stuff from Home Depot not the hot tar, we just poured some out on the driveway and then squeeged it around to fill in. Make sure you use a leaf blower to remove all the dirt and dust, pick out all the weeds, and some products (latex sealer) requires you to wet the area first.

Have fun.

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Chris - I was gonna say the same thing about the sealer from a layman's point of view.....glad an expert pointed that out.....

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doughboy - I understood the info about it being a bandaid for the drive. I didn't think of cleaning the surface though. Also, there is a water base and the regular tar. Would that be the latex? Is one better than the other. I have a good 2-3 years before we decide to do something else like the blocks instead of asphalt.
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The professionals with the hot tar will do the best job. It will last a few years, but is more expensive.

The do-it-yourself stuff in the buckets will usually be recoated every year. Less expensive but more applications.

The latex (waterbased) and regular material will both usually have to be recoated every year. The latex material is easier to clean up if you get any over splatter. Sorry I don't have any brand recommendations.

I would figure out the square footage and then get prices for professionally done hot sealcoat and figure a life of 3-5 years, then cost of material to do it yourself every year for 3-5 years and decide how to do it that way.

If you do it yourself, make sure you mix the hell out of the stuff. You will probably see when you open a bucket that it is very watery on top and all the "tar" is at the bottom. It takes a while to mix but is definately necessary for a proper coat.
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Thats why I let the pros do it,back that smokin asphalt up and let it pour,Doughboy youve seen my driveway its trashed 2 weeks after the jobs done.Way back in my roofing days we stop off at a coworkers house and drain the kettle onto their driveway.Nothing like the smell of coal tar pitch for a week !
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Doughboy,BTW Ill be at Demo Sat am pretty close to where you come on a little to the left.Look for Joes toyota or my truck.Well be there Fri nite overnite to sat.If just my trucks there we took the TOY to the Bar.There should be about 5 trucks there.
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