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Ben Pearson recurve bow???

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I have a Ben Pearson Cougar 7050 recurve bow.
A little worn, but in good condition.
Markings on it are this:
AB 10714

My question is this.
if you saw this item at a garage sale, how much would you be willing to pay? I have one to sell at our garage sale today and have NO IDEA what to put on the price sticker.

A little help from you hunter guys...or feel free to make me an offer.
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Tim, not sure about that particular bow. However, why don't you try going to E-bay and see if any are selling on there. It might give you an idea. If you don't find out you may want to hold off on selling it. Some older recurves in good condition can be worth more than you may think.
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If the bow is usable, I'll give you $40 for it

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Originally posted by gadwall8:
If the bow is usable, I'll give you $40 for it

So, what's it worth Gad, $200.00???
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FU bob

That's what it's worth to me for a usable recurve. I've been on this retro kick as of late and I might as well take into my hunting too
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Retro !
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I have 2 bows and all the assoc. equip I can't use anymore.
Onieda Strike Eagle complete, trigger, case , arrows. 65% let off, $100
Browning Mirage T6TL 50 to 70 lb draw. Up to 32 inch draw. 50% let off real fast bow. I always shot one pin out to 30 yds. This bow was used 3 seasons upto my injury. I'd really like to get $250 for the complete set up.
IO now this belongs in BS&T bit you guys are talking about it, so why not try
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Originally posted by gadwall8:
If the bow is usable, I'll give you $40 for it

Gad... im gonna follow Hats advice and offer it up on ebay for a week or so and see what i can get for it. If it doesnt go for $40 bucks, its yours. In the meantime, I will send you a few photos of it.
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Tim, you can probably get a bit more than 40 for it, but that's actually a fair offer. The Cougar is a very common bow and has no collectible value despite it's age. It was on the low end of the Pearson line and is a pretty plain Jane bow but plenty adequate for hunting or bowfishing. If it's in great condition, 60 bucks would probably be your high-end on it. 45 pounds isn't the most desirable weight, either. With no stress cracks, no twisted limbs, tip damage, delamination or serious finish problems 50 bucks would probably be the average used sale price for that bow on Ebay. Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, low end bows tend to get lower and fewer bids because a 40 dollar bow ends up costing 65 bucks after shipping is figured in (more often than not).

At a yard sale, I'd put a $50.00 tag on it and be happy to settle for $40.
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Oh, in case anyone gets the wrong impression, there are some VERY nice Ben Pearson vintage bows. In my opinion, the Golden Sovereign series is a real bargain in the collectible bow market. Many go for 100 to 200 dollars and this line was very well designed and are great performers. Many are of Brazillian Rosewood or other exotic woods and are very smooth shooters. The Golden Sovereign Knight is among my favorites and the Golden Sovereign Mercury Hunter is something just about every bow collector keeps an eye out for (the one-piece). The takedown version is very rare because the bow had a tendency to break at the joint. The one-piece, however, is not only a rare collectible (mercury cushioned) but is also a very good shooter. So just because I mentioned that the Cougar is a low end bow doesn't mean that Pearsons, in general, are low end or junk and even the cougar isn't junk - it's just not a very valuable bow.
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There are a bunch of websites dedicated to guys who collect Ben Peason bows, there is one in particular that has a picture and description of just about any one a google search and I am sure you will find more than you expected.
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I think i saw the site you are referring to yesterday. Between that and here, I got all the info i really needed. Thanks.
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