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Semi-Pro Football Players Wanted- Philadelphia Area

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Anybody interested in joining the Warminster Colts of the 250 lb weight limited, full contact Del-Val football league? If so, email me We are currently looking for skill positions especially on defense.
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Where were you guys all at 25 years ago?

I'm a skills guy if you need a good one.
I'm a soon to be 50yr old, short, fat,
ex- linebacker.

But I'm an EMT and if you need one for your games I'll be glad to show and watch people get smacked.
Plus I'm close.
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Chief, we actually have a guy in our league who still plays at the age of 47- not much, special teams and such, but he still plays. You want to play
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ill play if you marys dont mind gettin desnotted when i bring the pain
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Ain't no Marys playing- you interested?
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not gonna whine like a rail yam?
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I'm 6'5", 260.....I'm also 44. But I'll play....if ya line me up across from Otter.
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coolbob, thanks for bringin some levity to mr hardguys thread. he's all vaklempt or something. like "aint no marys- garrrrr" i mean come on killer, its for fun right? we had banter, there used to be banter thats all im sayin. the dog-snap still cracks me up. yeah i see a thrashing pitbull first thing im gonna do is go grab it by the leg, yahuh

you sound familiar bob, we met? i mean earthling pimps make up the majority of algonquin roundtable that is my circle of friends but what about bob
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Brian thanks for offer but turning 50 this Nov and want to see 51. Since the back surgery 3 years ago all serious physical activity has been limited. I will be out to see a game or 2 though so keep me posted on yer schedule.
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That's by the hind legs, Water Weasel, and I only recommend it in dire circumstances.

Come on out and play, Numbnuts- if you don't make the team, we can always set you up on the cheerleading squad...
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I can punt
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What are the details - practice location- game dates etc.?? I can play safety or linebacker. 6'2 228lbs.
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We practice on Street Road in arminster. If your coming from the east, its about 1 mile past Davisville Road on your left hand side. You'll see a fenced field and a sign posted on a gate for Warminster Colts. In the front of the field are basketball courts and the football field is behind the courts. If you hit the airfield, you've gone too far.

Tonight we're practicing at 6:30, but next week we start Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7:00. We run a modified Wing-T on offense and a flex defense. Coaches are good and this is one of the better disciplned teams in the league.
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Brian, where and when are the home games. I'll stop by to watch.
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The same practice field is going to be our home field it looks like- we might also use Roxborough Stadium.

GO to the A-Field in Conshohocken on 9/13. We're having a tournament with all of the teams in the league that day and five dollar admission will get 4 games to watch. I can fill you in on which games should be worth it.
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