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Remington model 742 woodsmaster?

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I'm hoping someone can help me out here, i've done some searching and info is pretty hard to come by...

Last sunday I was out sighting in a new scope on my .308 model 742 and after about a dozen shots the action refused to close all the way(it's an automatic). I couldn't figure it out after fiddling with it for a bit, so I brought it to a local gunsmith sunday night.

He told me that what I was seeing was a common problem with the 742's and that my best option was to throw the gun away and buy a new one. This seems a bit extreme to me, but he maintained that it was the only thing to do, apparently most trading posts have stopped taking them because of the problem.

He also mentioned that a few years ago remington may have offered a discount on new rifles with the exchange of a faulty 742, but he didn't have any details.

Has anyone here run into this problem with the 742? If so, how did you deal with it?

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I would contact Remington directly. They are good to deal with. There was a recall on the 742 a few years back, do not remember details.
By yourself a nice bolt rifle! Pre-64 winchester model 70.........270 cal with a leupold 4x12 scope......
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As I remember, there was some kind of discount exchange program. You could ask the question at the accuratereloading forum, or the, and those guys will help ya.
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Oh yeah, WorcBoy's advice was pretty good, but get an '06.
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You could try calling the Kittery Trading Post at; 207 439 2700.
Ask to speak with John K , Dick L, or Skip on the gun floor.
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Ya right 06 would be better...................more bullet wt choices easier to find ammo. Still am a 270 fan.
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lets not get too drastic and shuck cus if ya do send it my way,i had the 742 bdl and functioned flawlessly in 30-06.what to look for is filth.take it clean it up and try it again.this time use remington bore cleaner and shake the bottle good to clean the crud out of the chamber and bore.thats one cause right theyre,the other one is the gas piston is fouled beyond belief and need of cleaning.if i were you i wouldnt go buy ammo or anything else at the shop period after what he said to on the 740 recievers what was also a culprit was the rail on which the bolt rides inside the reciever on the left side(if ya pull the bolt back youll see it.) it should be nice and smooth,on the 740's they had a soft steel rail problem and it would look like someone hammered the bejeeserz out of it.this is the first i have heard of this though with a 742 tho',like i said,clean its gas piston out well and the bore and chamber.for the piston and tube area use quik start ether spray,it cuts the carbon down fast and lets you get it out quicker than with a solvent like hoppes #9 will.once the pistons cleaned out well and the bore and chamber polished up with 1-200 laps of a mop dosed in rem bore cleaner with its grit you should be fine.i did this to mine when i owned it(742 bdl) and never once had a failure.gas actions will and can give you a headache without proper maintainence over the years.i have never heard of an exchange on the 742 either.if all else fails(which i doubt) then call remington up and have your serial number handy so she can tell you the year made and send you an owners manual.i am also a moderator of the gunsandgame websight as well and answer this stuff on a daily basis for a number of different fireams.
you can ask the same in the remington forum and i am sure you will get the same answers
best of luck and clean that puppy out well.
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Thanks for all the info guys!

I put in a question through remington's website, and they say it takes a couple of days for them to respond, so I'll update this thread with whatever they tell me when I hear back.

Grampa: the gun is clean, the problem I'm seeing is the soft rail problem, it looks like someone went at the rail with a hammer. I was hoping that perhaps there was something that could be done to fix it.

WorcBoy, I prefer a bolt action, but the gun was given to me by my father, so I really couldn't beat the price.

Spook, I'm actually going to be stopping in at KTP on friday when I head up to my parents house to hunt for the weekend.

Thanks again everyone, I wish I'd posted here first instead of wasting a few hours last night using google.


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Just an update:

I heard back from Remington today, bad news. They discontinued the discount exchange program in June of '99, so it looks like I'm out of luck.

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No way to try to plead and beg with them?
I hear ya on the hand me down guns, I got a few from my dad.
Good Luck there bud............
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An old hunting buddy had a 742 and I have a 7400 and I loved the 742 cause it was so light..........DON'T get rid of it!

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Gil, it was a good gun, but at this point it looks like getting rid of it is really my only option. I've now spoken to Remington and two gunsmiths and they've all had the same thing to say: Toss it. Some of the rails that guide the action are made of soft metal and after a few decades of use the metal has finally been beaten to the point that the action no longer operates right.

I usually hunt fairly thick woods anyway, so hunting with slugs in the shotgun won't be a problem for the rest of the season.

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The 742 is responsible for an elk rack in my home. My buddy and I were bugling this bull together. The bull came in, he took the shot and wounded him. I waited and waited for him to take another shot, but it never came. I took my shot and he wen't down. This wasn't the first time his 742 jammed, but it was the last. Later that fall my buddy borrowed my bolt action to hunt whitetails and retired his 742 forever.
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I have the Model 70 pre 1964 in 30-06. Gun is a tack driver at 100yds. Delivers alot of energy upon impact. Never had a deer go more than 25ys. Most of them are just anchored right there. Death from above is the best, never knew what hit them
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There's another way to cut your losses. Part the gun out. The stock if it is in good shape should bring about $150, and I believe it in interchangeable with the Mod 74, 740, and the 7400. Values for other parts sush as sights, barrel, and other items can be established by using some of the web pricing for parts. It's hard to believe Remington would not help. Personally I have never had a problem with the company.
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