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"Police" Phone Solicitation...

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Myth, scam or fact?
It was my understanding that no police organization solicits donations via phone. Period!
Lately we have been getting tons'o phone solicitations by alleged uniformed officers.
BTW. They do get very funky when you ask for a name or badge # or station etc.
Tried *69, number not available...hmmmmmm.
We get them all, (alleged)State Police, PAL, PBA; along with the kitchencabinet resurfacingaluminumsidingalarmsystemchangeyourlong distanceincreaseyourcardlimit dinner time calls!
Always "boiler room" sounds in background or speaker phone delay!
Do Police solicit donations in NJ?
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
If not what should a citizen do?

Our Volunteer Fire Co. sends out quarterly donation request envelopes which is cool.
We do our part.
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I'm with a police department and I can tell you that there isn't a Dept in NJ that I know of that will solicit or cold call residents.

The State's PBA's have agreed not to solicit donations in this manner. The FOP Fratenal Order of Police Lodges (similar to PBA) are not bound by this agreement and may either solicit residents themselves or have an independent solicitation company make the calls for them. If this is the case the company will either get a fee up front, say $10,000 or will take a percentage of the proceeds. At best the Department it "represents" will see a small percentage of what the calls take in.

If you want tell them that you give to you local department's PBA and end the call. If they do call you at home for some reason (for donations or otherwise) then they'll use a company phone and the # of the Department will appear on the ID.

Mike W.

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The New York State Police will not solicit monies for there organization. You must go through the trooper foundation. Email me if interested. SCott
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I always get those calls too but at my office, never at home. I've donated to them twice and both times they came in and personally picked up the check and gave me stickers for my car, one was in uniform even. I think one was FOP and another was PAL. Another time I was going to and they wanted my bank account number for electronic transfer and I said no. I like to donate to the town my office is located in but after that I don't trust any of them. I donate unsolicited and tell them that I do so when they call.
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Got one of those calls last nite here in Maryland and I refused as usual.We get them all the time and I just figure they are scams.
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I've had a little bit of experience in this area as I had to investigate a case once where the solicitors posed as police. As MNW stated there are companies that are professional solicitors and acquire monies for agencies by using their names to collect the proceeds. These companies usually keep about 75% of what they collect and distribute the other 25% to the police organization. Why would a police organization allow this or agree to this? Simple, it cost them nothing, they do nothing, and collect a check for the use of its name. The problem with some of these agencies is that they get a little too aggressive. In my case the solicitors were targeting Asian owned businesses in the township and entering the establishments and posing as township police officers (plain clothes) They would flash some sort of badge and pressure the owners to write a check. The reason Asian proprietors were targeted was the cultural fear of police and do what they tell you. They had successfully hit about 5 nail salons and got checks for $150.00 each from them. The information we gathered was turned over to the Attorney Generals Office who were already investigating this particular agency. Anyway thats what I learned about these phone calls that we all get in regards to donations to police organizations.
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We do get those calls regularly at home also. Never gave over the phone, because most phone solicitation are scam related.

Very interesting to hear from people in uniform that they are not allowed to phone solicit.

Thanks Guys, we do give at the local level to both Police and Fire Departments as well as the local Ambulance corp (volunteer).
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Get yourself one of those "telezappers" things advertised on TV. (I got one for Christmas) They really work. They eliminate computer generated boiler room telephone calls that 95% of the telemarketers use.
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I had the same thing happen to me and the guy was really rude with my wife after she told him that she doesn't donate through phone solicitations. They claimed to be the FOP. (I don't know if he was or not but somehow I doubt it) He ended up calling us about 4 times in one night.
I called the police and they told us they weren't doing any phone solicitations.
Bottom line - I wouldn't donate to anyone who calls on the phone.
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I always ask them to send a letter and I'll consider it. You know what....they never do. I find an unlisted # helps a lot, also here in NY you can register your # with some state agency and that knocks down about 98% of the calls.
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I don't care who they are - I hang up on all of them

If you listen closely there will always be something like.... Association, Brothers, Sisters, Fraternal Blah Blah, etc. bracketing the official sounding law enforcement agency that they want you to think that they are representing. Most of these guys are the same telemarketers that will call and try to sign you up to have your chimney cleaned. It all depends on what hat they are wearing that day.

Register with you state consumer protection agency to put yourself on the "Don't Call List" - its great, I have been able to eat dinner without a call for almost 6 months
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NJ doesn't have those no call lists yet. I'm as rude as possible to the endless barrage of people selling crap. Nothing gets me more pissed off that that. That should be considered harrassment as far as I'm concerned. I don't understand why it's allowed. I'll vote for anyone who says they will make phone solicitation illegal in NJ.
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NO police will ask you for money over the phone its all a scam...Tell them to send you the paper work and your going to see how fast they hang up.
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