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Check Engine Light/Battery?

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I replaced the battery on my 2001 Toyota Highlander and now the check engine light is on. I disconnect the battery and the light goes off only to come on again after the car is shut off and re-started. Any clues as to what I can do to turn the light off.

This should teach me not to replace anyhting before it breaks or wears out. The battery was fine except it is 4 years old and I don't need the aggravation of a dead battery, now I have the aggravation of the check engine light instead. car is 4 years old and I don't need a dead battery
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First thing...check your gas cap...make sure it is on properly. If it isnt, make sure it is and drive around for a bit, it should go off.
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If it is not the gas cap, Go to Firestone for a free diag/ or just pay them to clear the code
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Sometimes disconnecting the battery will cause that, especially on newer vehicles....many newer vehicles store the info in the computer as to when it was last reset, and when a scheduled maintenance mileage interval comes up, the check engine light will come on. Disconnecting the battery can possibly erase that memory from the computer.

If you have the owner's manual, look up "Check Engine Light" (or "Maintenance Required Light") should tell you how to reset it.

On my Honda CRV, you need to have the car off, push in the trip odometer button and hold it, and then turn the ignition to "on", and it resets in 10 seconds. This works on the Honda for both the Check Engine and the Maintenance Required lights.

Might be something similiar with a Toyota, but the manual should tell you.
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check with a mechanic to see if it needs to be reset.

Had the same issue that required a series of moves with the ingnition and brake peddle, as the mechanic forgot to reset the light after the work was done.

The other problem is that you're giving off too much CO in your emissions, and it has nothing to do with the battery. That could be ligit, or the CO senser is broken
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"autozone" offers free diagnose on the light...
they will come out with the scan tool.Just heve em' clear the code.
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Go get it checked out, could be just a coincidence it came on with the battery change and could really mean there's a problem.
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