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GSP Tolls and EZ Pass

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What is wrong with the people that run the Parkway? Getting to the EZ Pass lanes is dangerous. The new numbers in lanes matching up the the numbers over the tollbooth are the just plain stupid and unsafe. I can't blame the drivers for the problems. Looking down then up then moving over, what were they thinking? In NY they have EZ Pass in the center lanes and cash and tokens on the outside lanes. Plus big signs explaing where to go well before hand. The toll have got to go! If the state of Conn. can take them down so can we. They say it will cost X amount of dollars to take them down, loss of this and that. But the fact is that we sit in traffic, waste time, burn gas, pollute the the air, get ticked offr at the guy/gal in front of us, pay the damm toll and just sit in traffic as it merges back to threee lanes from 10. Highly paid execs from the Parkway could care less about J Q Public, money drives these people. Get rid of the tolls once and for all! The next Gov better have that on the table before getting my vote. Oh yea and the Bunker Bill before that!
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I agree.....its an awful lot of hassle to pay your .35 isnt it?

John M
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Yes the State of new Jersey values your time. During rush hour, if you figure each toll adds about a half hour to your commute your time is worth about 70 cents per hour to NJ.
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There's another Parkway story on the Board and this fellow will have to spend time and money to get out of this mess. Most of us heading to the shore use the GSP so when Election time comes around lets see if our front runners will come thru. Here another one....for the past month I've been going through the EZ Pass lanes with a display of the word "GO". Now I'm getting ticket after ticket because the system screwed up. I called EZ Pass and they will send me a new one but all the tickets I get will have to be filled out and mailed. More time and money wasted because the system is not working. If my tag dosen't read then the display should say so! And now the state wants to give us something back for using EZ Pass.....2 cents off! If you use tokens you get 5 cents off for buying a roll of tokens. This Parkway says it's losing money because they can't collect on the unpaid EZ Pass money! Take em down, make a rest area with some Porta Johns in it and get rid of the Executives fat pay checks.
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Same thing happened to me. Have not got the violations yet, but I am waiting. Yesterday, I was on the Verrazano which has lift gates. The EZ Pass did not work. The Police Officer at the gate told me that most likely my battery was dead and that I needed to get a new device. Spent an hour this morning trying to get through to EZ pass. First 15 calls, got a message that told me that due to call volume, no one was available and to call back. Then, when I finally got through, I was on hold for 30 F*&*(in' minutes. Like I have time for this cr$p. I could have been doing something productive, like reading this board.
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I agree with you guys that slowing down for the tolls sucks. I'm on the parkway everyday back and forth and it can be dangerous at the tolls especially on Friday evenings. But I can't see them getting rid of the tolls, there is just TOO much money there. .35 cents per car, more for the trucks and buses with the amount of vehicles on that road, it a gold mine.
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I like the idea of the numbered lanes, but make the layout of each toll plaza THE SAME!! Everyday I get cutoff by folks who can't coordinate the lane they are in versus the booth they need to get to. But face it most of us use the same toll plazas day after day and should know BEFORE the lanes start where they need to line up.

It doesn't help that the numbered lanes are often curved a jillion degrees from where they start to where they end up, so if you find the numbered lane you need and try to follow it "around" to where the actual booth is for that number you get side-swiped and t-boned by retards that just cut across all of them anyway.

It just sux.

Learn C.P.R.(Catch,Photo,Release)
Jeff B
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Here's a question for the board and maybe someone can shed some light on this for me. I received a ticket in the mail last month from EZ Pass, I deserved it, I was forced through an EZ Pass lane because the 2 exact change lanes that I usually go to were closed. There was no way to get across the EZ Pass lanes into the next set of exact change lanes and be safe about it. So I got the ticket and payed the .35$ toll and the 25$ adiminstration fee. Now the other day I get a ticket in the mail with a picture of my car but it doesn't say EZ Pass violation like the other one did. I know I didn't go through an EZ pass lane but I buy Tokens to travel the Parkway. Many times the damn machines don't register the tokens or something is thrown in the basket blocking the token opening.

My question is, can they ticket me for running a toll even know the toll machines are known for their mechanical error? I sent them a nice letter stating that I WILL NOT be held responsible for mechanical failure. I follow the directions on the signs that are posted, if the light doesn't turn Blow horn and proceed.

The Parkway is getting more and more agrevating by the day, I'm gonna start taking 18 at least it's free.

Dubs a.k.a., Charlie
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I was told by a cop that the only booths that shoot a picture of your car are the EZPass booths, and not the Exact Change or manned booths. Not sure if that is accurate, however my boss instructed me and my fellow paramedics to go through the Exact Change lanes when responding to calls to avoid paperwork when the Parkway Authority sends us tickets and photos....

Yes, even when we are responding to heinous wrecks on the Parkway and cardiac arrests in the service areas they send us tickets....lights flashing, siren blasting, etc...

Like I said, they just suck.
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Vote Schundler this fall. He is committed to getting rid of the damn toll systems, and much of his backing is coming from the people that are very vocal on this issue.
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Yesterday while fishing Sandy Hook a plane flew over with a banner trailing behind that read, "No Tolls! Vote Bret Schundler for Govener"
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I was under the assumption that it was only the EZ Pass lanes with the camera's also, I figured as many times that the machines don't register or are blocked by garbage they could never enforce this. The other day after receiving the ticket I looked going through the toll and there are camera's in all the lanes except the 1 manned booth. This state sucks!!!

Dubs a.k.a., Charlie
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