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He's still my favorite cartoon character.
I think he stole some of his pickup lines from Toad.

Hey, wanna see me comb
my hair really fast?

Hey baby, I can tell we
both love the
same things; Me!

Oh Momma, I'm so sweet
that I've got a mouth
full of cavities.

Well baby, what's it like
looking at the man of
your dreams?

Can you guess how many
licks it takes to get to
the center of a Bravopop
or Johnnypop .. whatever
you prefer?

Hey baby, if this shoe
fits then I must be
your cinderfella!

Man, it must be great
being you watching me!

I'm a dancer, a
romancer, you're a capricorn, I'm a cancer!

You smell kinda pretty, wanna smell me?

If loving me is wrong,
you don't wanna be right!