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Surf Fishing NH where ?

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I would like to take my son surf fishing tomorrow night for stripers. Where would be a good place to start (in NH)?

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Hampton/Seabrook Harbor. The beach inside the harbor on the seasbrook side is o.k but i prefer the Jetty on either the hampton side or the semi-jetty/rock wall on the seabrook side.
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two words; north beach
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2 words, Marsh Marauder
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JB; he said "surf fishing"
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Just about any place you can legally park on 1A will produce at one time or another. Also so will 1B in Newcastle. Bear in mind a lot of places are tide dependant. High tide will bring the water to you but at the same time you have to deal with a lot of vegetation, low tide can mean a slippery walk on the rocks to get to the water but you bypass most of said vegetation. During the daytime I would bypass the beaches as they are few and very crowded, unless you happen to know someone who owns a beachfront house, in whick case I will gladly show you the ropes if you bring me along!

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I know, I was just hinting that your still guaranteed fish in the rivers, and the surf is hit or miss. Do you want to fish, or do you want to catch?
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10 bass landed in the vicinity of a Boar's Head yesterday and the day before. One of which decided his grampa was a tarpon; fully out of the water, tail-walkin' and gills extended. Was witnessed by 3 people. That one measured over 30' and weighed 12lbs. Not too shabby for "hit or miss"! Especially during midday.
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You didnt have to mention that spot.
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I didn't burn it! There are 2 Boar's Heads, great and little. I's up to the public to figger it out!
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LOL. It's ok. I dont think there are many who want to walk that territory anyway

When I hear "surf fishing", I think of the dreaded sand. And sitting in it lol. I probably do that 1 or twice a year, usually at Plum Island. I dont really consider working the rocks "surf fishing", but I suppose I should! lol

I told Paul 2 good spots for him and his son to fish, both spots with very easy access. I didnt think he would want to work the rocks at night.

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Ok, who was parked on Rte 1 in the mini van this early AM? I drove by going home to Hampton from Beverly, Ma. Someone was fishin out there. It was almost 3am when I drove by. Was it you and your son Paul G.? A silver mini van, silver, a Pontiac I think....
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That fish was a tailwalker! I've never seen a striper jump like that. That was quite the sight.
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Originally posted by swimfisher:
That fish was a tailwalker! I've never seen a striper jump like that. That was quite the sight.
had one do that the other day; about a mid twenties rocket.. completely cleared the water straight up as soon as I stuck it... cool as sheit!.. long-line hookset made it look like a salmon... DID YOU SEE THAT!? ... see what?... ahh never mind...
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Jigman, hhmmm. Maybe some of them stripers are gettin jiggy with the salmon and now we have these hard pulling, bottom diving, tailwalking, headshaking animals swimming around!
Sounds good to me!
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