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Maine flounder

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Tne flounder fishing on Long Island is such a sad, pathetic remnant of what it once was, that I can barely be bothered with it. What's the winter flounder season like in Maine? A June thing, I assume. Where ought a tourist go?
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south coast beds,why flounder in striper season? ya got me wonderin on that one.....
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Never caught one in Maine, never seen one. I dont think there is even a fishable population. From what I understand there used to be, but dont think there is many around anymore.
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GOS, cuz' it's something I could do easily with easily distracted niece. The nephew's up for night bassing, but not his sister. Not yet.
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i hear ya bud,seems when i take my daughter an mama they can go for an hour or so at it then wanna boogie off ta some store an do sumthin like shoppin yuckhhhhhh.
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Pepperill Cove. Maine side of the Piscataqua River.

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Ahh. Thank you. .... don't own a boat but wouldn't mind renting a skiff at all. Is there a boat livery in the neighborhood?
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Not too many years ago, Winter Flounder were the most prolific flatfish in the Gulf of Maine, especially the eaturaries from Cape Ann to the Kennebec area. Today, you can go for days without finding one.

And, yet, NMFS just did their latest stock assessment and announced that Winter Flounder are not overfished and are not in danger of being overfishing. Yet, commercial landings in Portland and Gloucester have diminised to a few tons each year. Even the commercial fishermen will tell you that they can't find W. Flounder.

Something is really rotten here.
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