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Maine joke

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What did the girl from Maine say right before she lost her virginity?

Careful Daddy, you're crushing my cigarettes.*

* This joke is purely in jest. It is not a reflection of the people of the Great State of Maine or it's outstanding fishing.Text
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Well I guess while we are on Maine jokes here are a few.

1) How do you tell the difference between an Aroostook County women and a moose. The Aroostook county women has on a red plaid shirt

2) Did you here about the couple that got divorced in Aroostook County. They are still cousins

I have nothing against Aroostook county, great fishin up there!
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Q: What do you call 32 people sitting at bar in Biddeford Pool?

A: A full set of teeth.
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Didja know the toothbrush was invented in ME?

Otherwise it woulda been called a teethbrush.


How do you compliment a pretty woman in ME?

Nice tooth!


Oyeah! Their family tree resembles a telephone pole.

PaulH - My brother's a Mainiac
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Anyone know what the Maine flag looks like???

-Blue tarp, flown on the side of a roof.
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I thought it was the Tyvec house wrap!!
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If anyone has that "Application to Live in Maine" floating around, I'd love to see it again.
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Ask and ye shall receive!
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Thank you Striperbum...I just about pissed myself the first time I saw that.

Is the internet great or what?
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Missing question-- Have you ever been too drunk to fish?
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i have neber been doo trunk to fish !!!
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Actually drinking helps my fishing. I have a favorite method when fishing for trout in a pond. Using sinking fly line I put on my favorite nymph, cast it out as far as I can then pick up my beer and take a few swallows. Some people use the count down method, I prefer the how many swallows of beer method.
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classic thread guys. My wife thinks I'm out of my mind, sitting here alone laughing at the computer just a few minutes after she caught me in the garage with my waders on loading my tackle bag for a trip to the Jersey shore on Wednesday.

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