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Kent Narrows fishing

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While the fishing ain't all that grand the Narrows are a good place for a Hcapper/Dabler like me to fish.Has anyone fished there in the last 7-10days.What was most productive as far as tides and time of day? Normally i like to fish very early and again in late evening using lures mostly.
Any info will be appreciated.Thanks, Neil
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Sorry I don't have any current news, Neil. Maybe someone will be able to chime in here with that for you. It is a spot I fish with some frequency but more often in the colder weather. I still miss badly being able to fish the whole east side bulkhead and really hated seeing that fence go up across it, but hard to blame the owner. The slobs had pretty well trashed things in front of that abandoned building and it looks like some development is coming to that property pretty soon. I'll let you know next time I'm planning to hit the Narrows and maybe we can hook up for awhile there if you'd like.

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I went down one night bout a week ago and the water looked like chocklate milk.Really looked bad so I headed over to the Jetty and had a few beers instead.
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The small fish were breaking the surface all night last week. The fish were being very picky even for the veteran fly guys. I did well using small spoons. Average fish was around 14". A nice fight on light tackle and the fast current.
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Haven't been to the Narrows, but have hit the Choptank a couple of times with moderate success, enough croakers ranging from 15" - 19" to keep me happy. Lately been taking the 30 second ride to the community beach between Matapeake Pier and the Bay bridge, some white perch, snapper blue and more decent croakers. Most of my luck has been on peeler crabs, but a lot of "Tankers" use bloodworms and shrimp. Key to the east side of the bay be it Romancoke pier, Matapeake or the beach, catch the incoming tide (where I have had most of my luck personally) and even better the incoming after or around sunset.

Hope it helps.
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Didn't go last week. Been there quite a few nights this summer between 9pm and 1am prior to that.
Have caught on average 6 - 10 rockfish a night ranging from 4" upto 18" most of 'em are 8-10" Nothing big there at night at this time of year. Still it's fun catching them on light tackle.
Tide HAS to be moving. They are finicky to the max. Mostly, I throw a 1 to 2 oz popper at the terminal end of my line and then change up on the teaser using 1/8oz jigs with various small rubber/curly tails or one of Tim's teaser flies. Gotta keep it small. Have caught many though on the rear popper.
Take bug spray.... the mosquitoes are unbearable on hot muggy nights.

Good Luck
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The conditions were just a little different on this trip

A little cool down view for helpin' to deal with the current heat wave

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BK, sweet buddy lost an offshore duck blind last winter, looks like you caught the culprit. I was at the narows about 2 weeks back. We spent the night on the boat and caught quite a few stripers.....mostly between 12"-16" with a few keepers and a few under 12" ............we kept switching baits trying to find "the one".....but we had a consistent bite on everything from clouser minnows to 3" Sassy Shads to 3" BA's, little spoons, little rattle traps, 3" grubs ect, ect......Nothing big but it was fun
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