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Shrink wrap for guides

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I was wondering if there is a shrink wrap to use for putting on guides ?. I don't have time to rewrap my old pole's & would like some easy way to put on new guides.
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Use electrical tape... then epoxy... that'll work... Ive done that...
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tommy tape will work also..
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Shrink there's an idea.

Personally, I like electrical tape, comes in lots of attractive colors too. Seriously though, I have fished rods with electrical tape for longer than I would care to admit. Conventionals done this way don't work too well however since the guides want to turn to the underside of the rod under load. Never thought to epoxy over the tape however. Thanks BC

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Tape holds OK for fishing. Lotta different tapes though. Most are too weak/elastic. If not when you put it on, then when you leave the rod in a hot car. On a thicker blank (fiberglass), tape works well, as you get to the thinner (tip) part of the blank, it doesn't.

Tommy tape you gotta watch. Most of what I have seen is very thin and slippery. Neither quality works on a rod. Better for color coding than for binding. If you can find the heavier duty stuff, you should be OK.

I have a blackfish rod with the guides taped on spiral style. Cheap mystery blank. Threw it together a day before fishing with the intention to fine tune it and to make it nice eventually. Rod came out ultra sensitive and perfectly balanced on the first pass. I'm afraid to change anything. Fish it with 65# braid and a locked drag. I can't believe that it still holds up.

Shrink wrap? Heat shrink? Dunno if I want that much heat all over the blank. Cold shrink is too thick.

BTW, if you spiral tape the rod, you don't have to align the 180 degree guides perfectly. Put a line through the guides and pull like crazy. They straighten themselves. Beautiful thing.
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I think even a quick thread wrap , even if pretty bad , is better than tape. Quick wrap up and down then a coat of even cheap epoxy will work. Tape is fine but eventually the guides will start moving around a lot.
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I agree with salt... you could wrap thread even sloppy and use a 5 min epoxy and that would work better than tape... but, I was out last year, and busted the last guide before the tip. I used electrical tape and zap a gap and that held til I was done fishing...

shrink wrap wouldnt be good becasue the epoxy doesnt penetrate the shrink wrap...
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I read somewhere on Allcoast board that people use clear nail polish.
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