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DIY Power Wrapper

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Hi all interested in making a power wrapper.

The following photos are of a DIY power wrapper I've made a few years ago. Hope the photos say a thousand words (..or questions??). The most difficult part to construct is the power unit .. but with some DIY skill and creativity it is fairly easy. Modify it to your level of creativity ... you may even build one better than mine (hope you'll share your project photos too). The materials used are easy to source. In fact some of it are from scrap wood or metal. Wih DC as the power source, reversing the polarity will reverse the direction of rotation while varying the DC voltage will vary the speed of rotation. Because the stepdown mechanism uses rubber belts (from electronic supplies) the rotation can be stopped using your hand while the power from the unit is not enough to break the thread should the thread tension be too much.

Happy DIYing !!

fixed a photo

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Thats cool! Thanks for the pics and the detail.
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Thats sweet, Where did you get the rubber that's on the bearings.
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Did you make your Rollers? Bearings with rubber? How Many RPM do you get?
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