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Passaic River fishing

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I've been communicating with a gent on another board about the Passaic River. He lives right by it and he's been catching northerns and smallies. There's also muskies, channel cats, stripers and shad in the river. I've done some fishing in the upper reaches where I've gotten largemouths. Sounds like a great place for us yak fisherman to do some fishing. the current is slow and easy. Let me know if anyone is interested. When the water warms up a bit it should get really good.
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Jon, Let me know when.

Ps. What's the other board?
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I'm Game!! I saw Tidewaters post on the sweetwater forum which definitely peeked my interest. Depending on where on the passaic we are talking about, I am pretty close.

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Great guys. Below the falls at Garfield is striper, shad and muskie territory. Above there its supposedly muskies, northerns, smallies and cats. Above Great Falls its northerns, smallies, pickerel and largemouths. I would imagine that carp are throughout the river. I did meet a gent who caught a 49" northern last April. Actually his buddy did. They just measured it and released it. They didn't even have a camera. The fish was pregnant and very fat he said. I know exactly where it was caught. It was probably a state record. They're growing big on those carp.

I'm in Rockaway so none of its too far from me. The stretch around Twin Bridges through the Peace Meadows looks especially remote. I would imagine even in the cold water they'd take plastics since they're taking baitfish. Fish are very lethargic from what's being reported. Unfortunately with all the snow on the ground its going to be a while until the water warms. Once the air gets a little warmer I'm willing to give it a shot and explore. We could even do some shuttle trips. FRom the bridge at Rt. 46b in Fairfield to Twin Bridges would make a great float. Plenty of parking at both spots and the entire stretch is inaccessable from shore.
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Great, I am in Verona, so like you, very close. That section through big piece meadow does look remote. As a kid I used to fish for carp at the Horseneck Road bridge. We would also hike out behind the gun club and there would be ponds where the carp would get stuck when the river flooded, there were some biguns.
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Dave - Approx. 20 years ago I was drivig down New Rd. in the spring and the Troy Meadows were flooded. I saw a guy with a fishing rod and laughed and then I saw a bunch of splashing in the flooded fields. Turns out they were carp. I went home and got my old bow and arrow. I attached about 30' of 30# gold stren to the end of an arrow, got in my waders and went stalking. I had a blast and got about a dozen carp. My Grandmother pickled them but none of use would eat them so I never took the bow again but boy was it fun.

The Muskies and Northerns were put in the river to control the carp. They're getting big on them. What kind of yak do you have?
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Great story about the carp. I actually have an inflatable (seaeagle), It's actually not as flimsy as you might think. I wanted to get something a little more substantial, but had to compramise with the wife. BTW The wife actually turned out to be a nice little trolling motor up at Waywayanda last spring . One of these days I'll have to try to get her into a sleeker craft so she can see how much easier it is to paddle
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Dave I'll have a loaner soon and also my buddy has a Cobra Tandem I can borrow anytime. So you and the wife can give it a shot. Just let me know.
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Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know...
hmmm now what kind of lure will immitate a carp????
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You know I'm in. Can take the canoe or use your spare yak.

DaveK, How is it in Waywayanda? I live in Hardyston and have been up there with the family but never fished it. Usually too noisy on the weekends.

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I know that live bait works but I rarely use it. The water is always murky so visibility is at a premium. Lures which emit sound or vibrations would be the ticket. I recently pruchased some 1 oz. spinnerbaits. The 49" pike was caught on a large spinnerbait in April. Also lures with rattles. Topwaters once it warms.

Brian, I'm also gonna have a troling motor for my buddies 12' aluminum this year so the boat becomes another option. My prefered method is the yak but early season the boat would be nice.

From what I've learned recently I think that I'm gonna spend a lot of time fishing the Passaic until the water warms to the point that the fishing turns off. Smallies, northerns and muskies in well under 1/2 hour from my door sounds great.
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Yes, WW. does get noisy during the summer. I have had my best luck up there May and June, early in the AM, before the water warms up and everyone is swimming. I like the drop offs around the deep holes. Best catches last June were a 4lb bass and a 3lb rainbow, both on live bait, other species I have caught there are pearch, cappie and pickerel I've had limmited luck with lures.

You also have a pretty good chance of seeing black bears up there as well. I've seen them a few times while mountain biking.

Can't wait for the spring!!!
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Thanks. I could show you pictures of the Bears nosing around my kids swing set. They like to steal my bird-feeder. I have to hike up the ridge looking for it sometimes. I think they are cool. Need to pay attention but they are cool.

Ever fish the small pound back up behind WW? Also the small lake on your right before the main lake parking lot?

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Never fished those spots...

Yes, the bears are cool. My nephews from LI got to see one last year. He was walking north on the path that leads to the lake by the camping area. Can't say for sure but I'm guessing he was close to 200 pounds. He headed for the garbage cans and we gave him some room and headed back to the lake for a swim.
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I stopped in at Totowa Bait And Tackle today which is one block from the Passaic River. Tom has lots of info to share about the river and is well equipped, especially with live bait once the season gets going. Most years its a mid March to mid May fishery and then late fall again. Spring is the better season. Tiger Muskies, stripers, shad, northerns, cats, crappies and smallies. Lots of all of them. Most of the river isn't even fished because it requires a boat, etc. One local, according to Tom, has caught over 3000 stripers the last few seasons. Bring on Spring.
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