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17 Ft. Wahoo questions

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I'm looking at a 17ft Wahoo, 1988. Just wondering if these are decent boats, it is clean, looks nice. But is a tri-hull, never owned one before so I don't know what's good/bad about them. Will it be able to handle the bay and usual fishing? Comes with an old Johnson same year also which is supposed to be nice. Any info on either would be great thanks!
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Used one as a skiff for awhile, fast as hell, but only used it outside of the harbor a few times. It would be o.k. for lakes and such. If you are getting it for a steal then at least it will get you on the water.
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it will stay in the ocean only, mainly for striper fishing and the occasional Sbft
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This information is from continuous wave,com, the best Whaler site on the web

"I'm sure I don't have all of the details correct, but the story is something like this...
A Boston Whaler dealer in North Carolina (maye it was Virginia) had a falling out with Whaler and decided to build his own boats. He came out with the Wahoo line, the 1650, 1750 and 1850 are all modified cathedral type hulls similar to Whaler.

Later the the company was purchased by US Marine, a division of Brunswick that at the time included Robalo and Bayliner.

By the early 1990s there were Wahoo models up to 26' including walkarounds. In 1997 the Wahoo product line was collapsed in to Robalo, the current smaller Robalo boats are all Wahoo hulls.

Last year, US Marine sold Robalo to Marine Products Corp., the parent company of Chaparall."

I've seen a number of 17' Wahoos around Stonington, Ct., and they always seemed okay to me. They'll ride much like a Whaler-rough and wet at times. I think the hull/deck joint is riveted, unlike the Whaler, so that could be a potential problem in older hulls- leakage and looseness in that joint. You might want to check that out in the one you're looking at.

Best regards,

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A friend of mine runs a Wahoo 17 in Florida. He loves it!
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Don't buy one! Wahoo's are for googans!

Yours truly,


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*** is a googan?
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Originally posted by BRfishing:
*** is a googan?
Definitive "Googan" thread
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I can't speak for 17 footer's,but I own an 18footer for years and absolutely loved it. It was fast, and big time DRY! If anything I was too comfortable in the boat and often took it to the range bouy out of the Barnegat Inlet. On those occasions that I caught in snotty weather I'd just trim the bow up and throttle back.
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Owned, owned an 18 footer. Lost it 2 thanksgivings ago, Damn "Rogue Waves", hey but it was dry while it lasted.
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Another Ish classic

Spinoffs are spinoffs. Make sure the motor works first. You'll figure the rest out as you go.

All my V-hull boys like my Montauk better that their boat. Yes, it gets pounded at times, but it's the best boat I've ever owned.

PS it's the only boat I've ever owned
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Originally posted by Ishmael:
Don't buy one! Wahoo's are for googans!

Yours truly,


Ahhhh Ha HA HA HA HA heeeeh right
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i worked for a marina that rented out boats, and one of the boats in the fleet was a 16' wahoo. that boat was always looked after, because it always had water on the deck after a night of sitting at the dock. i don't know the reason, but we had to bail it out every morning.

i don't think that this boat was representative of wahoo boats overall though. it just got used a lot, and was constantly run up onto sandbars by people that didn't know what they were doing. i would take it out a couple of times a week to look for our other boats, and the ride was that of a typical whaler-style boat. it pounded a bit in heavier chop, but overall it was a great fishing boat.

before you decide, pay a marine surveyor to give it a look-see, and then make your decision. a couple of bucks spent on the surveyor may save you a lot of bucks on some costly repair.
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