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70 hp Evinrude problems:( pics

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I have a 1988 70 HP Evinrude 3 cyc 2 stroke outboard. It came off a boat my stepdad bought and he junked the gauges. Bolted it to the transom, hooked up the control box and fuel tank, with a new fuel line/primer bulb. Had it running on the muffs for a little bit. The control box has a small button I have to push in before starting the engine. Also it has a push in choke on the key. The first time I ran it I would just have to push in the little button, start it up then let it go- and it would run fine. Today it will only run as long as the button stays pushed in. What's going on? Also I took off the VRO and just premix it. I plugged up the oil fitting with tape. Are there additonal wires I have to disconnect also? Its pumping a good stream of water while running. After running for a minute a buzzer goes off in the control box. I shut it down right away. I feel the engine and its not overheating? I have the Clymes manual an it doesn't have anything about the control box in it.
Man, I haven't got a clue. Any help would be a lifesaver. Thanks- I try to post a pic. Oh, and there's a wire coming off the box thats cut. Whats it for? There's also a tan wire on the motor that goes to another tan wire , should i connect them?

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More questions and info...
What's the wire coming off the control box for.
Also I labeled all the wire connections on the motor but two wires I missed. Not even sure if they go here - see pic. More info- the wires on the wiring harness are exposed .

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that little button could be the kill switch that the lanyard goes on, a lanyard should fix that if its the problem
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I think mdram got the button thingy. Get yourself one of these Lanyard things.
As for the buzzing, I know my johnson buzz's if the oil injection loses pressure(normally when idling, and if I pump the ball for the oil, it goes right away). So im guessing if you closed off the oil injection system, it would screw with the pressure and it would cause it to go off.
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I know I shouldn't have connected the green and red wires to something I don't even know what it is. What is it? I can't make head or tails of the wiring diagram. The diagram only has a green wire that runs to a tilt motor but it works fine. What have I done?
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You could always try tracng the wires back with an ohmeter or checking for volatge/gound this may give you a better idea where they go.
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Yeah, needed a lanyard, got one for $7.
Thanks, the motor runs great...
But after running for a little bit the VRO alarm goes of , 1/2 sec beep- 1/2 off, beep, etc.
The oil fitting is capped off and clamped. Vro harness disconnected. What now? Disable the horn
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I just took my VRO off of an 85' 70 hp Johnson and never saw any wires connected to the VRO. I am not sure where these two wires go but I am almost positive they are not to be attached there. I am not sure why the alarm is going off. I took my VRO off yesterday and today I will be "test running" it to see if I get the "alarm thing" as well. What I did was plug the nipple where the oil line comes into the motor, re-route the fuel line to run directly to the fuel harness and then plugged the two other oil hoses that were connected to the VRO. I hope this is correct - if anyone reads this post and determines that I have overlooked something, please submit a post. Good luck.
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What does VRO stand for or mean? Thanks.
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"VRO" stands for Variable Ratio Oiler. If you are unfamiliar with this item, it automatically mixes your fuel for you. I have been informed to disconnect this feature since my boat is older. I would hate for it to go out while I am headed across the lake...premixing can't be that bad.
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I have that same motor only mine is a 1989 60hp.
over time I had an overheating problem. so I did just about everything. The bottomline was falty warning horn,falty tempeture switch. that caused the s.l.o.w. alarm to go off. I also had my vro pump go bad so I disconnected it and now pre-mix.
my alarm would go off and shut the motor down to 2000 rpm. I have since replaced those parts and now my motor is running fine. omc was putting out some really crappy components back then. but the new ones are working good now. my motor is 17yrs old and still running strong being ran mostly in the saltwater.
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have you had any problems with the starter gear jamming up under the flywheel after you shut it down ?
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I had a wire that wasn't hooked up right, changed the fuel filter , and she runs great.
Thanks for the help
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I have 1986 deckette boat with a 1976 70 hsp enivrude I can force it start by priming carbs and will stay running once I kill the motor it won't start again some one told me it could be safety kill switch they said go to the power grid and disconnect the wire can't remember what wire to disconnect from the grid just bought boat . Can you help thanks again
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I hate to say it but omc and evinrude and Johnson went out of business for a reason, around me you can't even find parts for them. My best advice save up and get a yamaha dude. By the way green is ground. you should be able to find an omc wire color chart online that should be of use.

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