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Nitro's center console bay boats

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Does anyone have any experience with Nitro's saltwater series center console boats. The boat itself looks identical to the Javelin saltater boat (and as I remember that was a terribly wet ride).
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As i understand it, the Javelin hull went to Hydo sport, so i doubt it's the same hull. Do you have personal experience with the Javelin? A guy is selling one in N.Jersey, I was thinking of taking a look. I've been on some wet boats but it seems if you trim them you can get the spray to come up far enough back to stay reasonably dry. Not so with the Javelin?
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Hey saltydawg what model Javelin was it that soaked you?
I have the 22 footer and it is pretty dry. The 2 smaller and 1 large chine tend to throw spray out wide. The only time I've gotten wet on the thing is when the wind was howling from straight port/starboard and speed was slow blowing spray back at you. Also with the decent deadrise it doesn't pound, further reducing blowing spray.
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Actually, the Nitro Bay Boats are made by Kenner Marine, in Knoxville, Arkansas. Kenner also makes the Mako Inshore series boats as well as a full line of inshore and bay boats with their own badging. Kenner Marine is now owned by Tracker Marine Group, as is Mako, SeaCraft, Tracker, Suntracker, Nitro, ProCraft, Fisher, Myacht, and Tahoe.

By-the-way and for what it's worth, the Kenner is one of the dryest boats (of it's kind) I have ever run.

A quote from the Kenner Brochure reads: "The Kenner family began designing and building boats in 1947. Since then, the Kenner name has become synonymous with dependable, high-quality fishing craft. The concept of the "bay boat," birthed decades ago by Kenner, has been copied ever since.
Called the Kenner "Original" Dry-Ride Hull."

Hope this helps clarify the question!

Steve Lawson
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