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Parker 2520 XL

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I recently purchased a Parker 2520 XL with a 225 hp yamaha four stroke. From what I have seen with them in the past, they are one of the best made boats around. I was just wondering what everyone else's thoughts on them were. Also if anyone owns one, what options on the boat do you like the best.
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Nice boat, I looked at them when I bought my Parker 23SE center console last year at this time. I too got the Yamaha F225. What are you expecting for cruising speed and fuel consumption with your setup. I get 30 knots at 4300 RPM while burning a little less than 10 GPH. WOT, it's 40 knots at 5500 RPM and sucking 18 GPH. You're going to love how quiet, smooth and smokeless that engine is.
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Is that with the deep V hull or modified V. I know a guy with the 23 and the deep v hull and it is a very seaworthy and comfortable rig. I was never very fond of the deep V's because of all the rolling while at drift, but with the reverse chine the Parker's utilize, I found this boat to be the best of both worlds. It would cut through a nasty chop, and than lay stable in it too while adrift. Great boats. And you can't be the modern four strokes.
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I believe that the "20" in 2520XL stands for the hull's deadrise, which would make it a deep V.
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The deadrise is the XL is actually 16 degrees. So it's neither a modified v or a deep v.
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I would say 16-degrees is a modified V. If its neither, what do you call it? It certainly isn't flat.

Our 21-foot SeaPro bay boat has a 15-degree deadrise. The drawbacks are that it doesn't cut throught a chop as nicely. But the pros are that it is more economical to run, and we can fish the skinniest of waters. There are trade-offs to both, but you just have to decide what suits you best. I'm sure it's still a nice boat.
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The modified v has a 14 degree deadrise, and the deep v has a 21 degree deadrise. The 16 degree deadrise is something new that I believe is only available on the XL.
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16 degrees on a Parker should do fine in tight 3' seas due to the sharp bow entry of all the Parker hulls. You just have to keep it trimmed properly. IMHO, any seas greater than 3 footers will require most vessels to throttle back and take it easy.

My Parker 23SE CC has only a 14 degreee deadrise, and I have on several occassions (only have 130 hours) cruised 70 miles each way from Northport to Plum Gut in tight 3' seas running 25-30 knots and stayed dry. It's just a matter of keeping the bow down. Additionally, the weight of the Parkers really help to improve the ride. And when I'm drifting it's almost as if your on terrafirma. Minus the fluff and trim I don't think you can find a better fishing machine than a Parker. And yes, I'm a little prejudiced about my opinion
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Wayne, throttle back???
Many years ago I ran to the Bacardi in 5-7s and made a sog of 25 knots in a Mako 255 with twin 140 Evinrudes. If it were not for the Northstar loran (my favorite!) I'd have had to throttle back due to needing to run compass course and D.R.. With the loran I was able to cut between the "knuckles" and haul a**. Unfortunately, the guy I wass supposed to meet (Bert31) headed in before I passed the 15 fathom mark. I think I passed them in the dark. When we got to Frank and Dicks, Dick informed me, my friends were sitting at home. What a long day that was
As for that Parker? I fish one out of Montauk and I think it is a great boat. I like the construction of the hull and the ride is quite good. Nothing fancy (thank God) but it gets the job done!!
P.S. are toy running trim tabs on that thing?
With one engine it'll really help to achieve level flight
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The Parker 2520XL is a great boat, I almost got one my self but I went with steiger craft 25 Chesapeake basicaly the same boat I just like the steiger better when I looked at them. But the Parker is a very good boat. Have a great season.. Did you get the 2nd station.
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Sorry to interupt your thread but what the heck does WOT mean? I've seen it many times and have no frigging clue what it means. I told "her" that WOT meant "wench on transom" so I could impress her with my nautical knowledge!

Thanks for your help and please get back to your discussion.
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Wide Open Throttle!
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I will show you this summer
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Thank you for letting me know.
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