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Mercury vs Yamaha

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A friend of mine wants to repower. Has a 7 year old Yamaha 2 stroke 25. He had planned to repower with a Yamaha 40 2 stroke. Many savy people are telling him that the new Merc 40 4 stroke with electronic fuel injection is a great engine and very reliable - which is why he wanted a Yamaha in the first place. Reliability ( in the everglades) is of the utmost importance. He was always prejudiced against the Mercs. Any first hand knowledge out there.
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i have the Yamaha 100 hp 4 stroke and would not consider any other. In 3 years I have not had any problems with the motor.

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I could be mistaken but I believe that the powerhead on that merc is built by yamaha. Couple that with a bullet proof lower merc. unit and you got the best of both.
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Go with the Yamaha and forget about that merc. Yamaha outboards are the best.
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You can't beat Merc for corrosian resistance and the fact that they are under rated....a 25hp yamaha and a 25 hp Merc I bet the Merc wins for speed. I have a 1974 merc 7hp and I can go out to the garage an pull it twice and the thing starts right up! can't beat that
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I have a '99 Merc 4-stroke 30 on my Bristol Skiff. I think the powerhead was also built by Yamaha, as GaryT suggested. As I understand it, Mercury decided to go with the Yamaha heads rather than bother to develop their own. Whether this is still true, I'm not sure.

Brand loyalty in engines is always interesting. When I was in college, I worked in an outboard dealer's repair shop. I remember people saying that they were Evinrude men-that they'd never consider a Johnson. We always laughed as we noted the serial number that showed that that Evinrude was actually built on the Johnson assembly line.

I have about 80 hours on the Mercury engine with no problems so far. Sure runs smooth and quiet.

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You'd be a fool not to consider Suzuki. They should be offering a free 3 year warranty upgrade right now. (6 yr total). They have the most advanced 40 HP outboard with EFI and Direct ignition since 1998-1999.

I have a 1999 DF50 and it kicks ass.

The 40 is a little heavier in it's class though.
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I have a Yamaha.....130 hp with about2000 hrs on it and no major problems( KNock on wood )......ring free is the key to long motor life
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I think you need to think about what is cheaper to repair in the event of problems or maintanence. I have a 30hp yamaha and the thermostate cost me 50 bucks! the merc on the other hand about 12 bucks. Parts and service much more on yamy.
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Just got back from FL ask my guide what he thought of a Merc. he said most of the guides in his area call a Merc. a welfare enegine cause it nevers works. Has a seventy Yamaha on the back of his flats boat. He says it is the best engine he has had on the back of his boat just like a Temix watch it takes a liken and keeps on Ticken. Thom T
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SW coast of Florida Yamahas outnumber Mercs probably 10 to 1. I asked a shallow water guide about it and he told me his had 3000 hours on it and he had never so much as replaced a water pump. That was a 2 stroke but .....there has to be a reason there are so many Yammies there.
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Just replaced my 90 Merc w/ a 100 4 stroke Yammie. I made the right move! Last Oct. fishing in some bad weather, the Merc just shut off. I'm blowing off shore fast, at a pace where the anchor wouldn't even grab. in 45 degree air and 52 degree water. Finally, saved by sea-tow, I get back in, call my mechanic and he gets to work........nothing wrong. He can't find anything wrong! The thing starts up and runs fine at the dock. I tell him to find something and fix it. He replaces the fuel pump, some fuel lines, ect. So I take it out (not as far) to fish the next weekend, it seemed fine until it just shut off again...couldn't start it.

Buy a Yamaha! Costs more, but worth it!
PS Merc powerheads are still made by Yammie, but for some unknown reason the Mercs motors are heavier for the same HP.
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When the first 4 strokes came out. Mercury did use the Yarmmie power head. But since then they have designed thier own.
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