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Eagle Optima Fishfinder For Sale

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Eagle Optima Fishfinder For Sale. The unit has the highest resolution on the market for sonar units under $600(240*240 pixel resolution) One of its most useful features is that you can turn the fish symbol ID off(ie, the little fish symbols that appear on most units) and get ACTUAL SONAR RETURNS--VERY ACCURATE as fish are differentiated from false returns by appearing as curves on the screen--you can even see your jig move in the water.

Sonar Unit comes with:

(1) portable pack(lets you bring it from boat to boat) and portable suction cup transducer

(2) rechargeable gel cell battery with charger (12 hours continuous use from one charge)

(4) carrying case

(5) permanent transducer, cables, mounting brackets, and casing, etc for permanent mount(never used, always used the portable transducer)

This unit is in perfect condition as it is three years old and has been used less than 20 times from a 14ft boat I recently sold. (My fishing buddy was going to take the unit, but he just upgraded to a 28' Carolina Classic--fully rigged)

$250 for everything. FIRM.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries:

John D
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John, I guess you will make it to the Hudson Canyon this year eh?

Jim C.
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I'm sure hoping to!

How have things been? Spring bunker chunking is right around the corner.....Hopefully we can get out for some night fishing this spring.

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I'm looking foreward to it! Moving the office a lot closer to the dock so there will be more time to get out for evening fishing trips. Keep in touch & we will definately get out a few times.
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