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1997 Lance 8000 Truck Camper

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Extended cab with queen bed. Overhead bunk above dinette. Dinette table slides in and out.
Outside shower, 13,500 BTU A/C, works great.
39 gal. fresh water tank, wet bath. Heated holding tanks, 2-20 Lb. LPG tanks. 3 way 6 Cu. Ft. frig. w/ seperate ice box. 3 burner stove with oven, double sink, Sharp carousel microwave, TV antenna, electric jacks. Plenty of storage, 4 knee walls, gen. set ready
approx. weight 3500 lbs. empty
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how many miles ??
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how many miles ??
it's a truck camper , no odometer , no motor , no transmission
it sits in a truck bed
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Still got it?

I'm looking at one now and plan to tow a TT with the TC in the bed.....I need an 8ft TC, I can't use a hitch extension due to the weight of the TT...

I noticed the model number is 8000....does it have an over hang that would get in the way of a hitch with no extension?

Or will it sit flush in an 8ft bed?

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This truck camper is 10'6" long, so to answer your question, no it will not fit only inside the truck bed, sticks out 2 1/2 ft. there is only a couple trucks on the market today that can handle this truck camper correctly, weight wise, most people do not care because they do not have to go into truck scales for weighing and take there chances, but if a condition occurs and the truck and camper are at fault in an accident and you are overweight, insurance companies will not pay for it. There is a super hitch also available for this unit, plus other accessories. The camper was on a '99 F350 SD 4 door 7.3 single rear tire with Rickson wheels and Firestone steels and a bunch of weight distibution items and vehicle was still not rated correctly to haul the load. Truck rating was 9900lbs GVWR, truck weighed 7700lbs. camper 3500lbs. 11,200lbs. total weight, bottom line overweight reguardless if it can haul the load. Hope this answers your question and more. Thanks for looking, Sandbar
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Thanks sandbar.....I have a 3500 srw (for AI ) but the lance is still a little heavy...

I just put a deposit on a Shadow Cruiser 1160SD...sleeps five and is set up nice.....come in 1klbs less than the Lance a very good deal from a dealer looking to move it...

I'm going up this afternoon to finalize the deal...I'm trading in our C Class on a 33ft TT along with the TC.......the TT has four bunks in the back for the kids....a big slide...heated tanks.....that one is for long trips....The TC has nice size tanks, loaded with options and is genset ready.....that will be our mobile fishing/exploring machine...

Took some fancy talking to get my wife to understand the two rig concept...but I took verbal judo a few years back
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