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Sage RPLXi vs. Xi2......

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Just wanted to know what the difference was betweent the 2. Is it night and day? I picked 2 up at a shop and they felt similar, which means little unless you get to cast them. I've heard great things about the Xi2's. I know, I depends on your stroke, but wanted to hear some in depth opinions.
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I own the two rods in 10 weight so I can comment on them. Other sizes may vary as I find they do in any series of rod. The rods are both 9 footers and the Xi is a three piece while the Xi2 is four piece. The Xi casts more off the tip and the tip is fairly soft for a saltwater 10 weight. The middle and the butt is very strong, a little too strong for a 10 weight in my opinion, and I find the rod casts better with an 11 weight line (and I am not one who makes a habit of so called uplining). The Xi2 is a beautiful casting rod and handles all 10 weight lines I have tried superbly and fires off an entire Teeney TS450 into the backing with no problem at all. It is plenty strong for any job you expect a 10 salt rod to do.

The Xi2 is the better 10 weight in my opnion.
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I own a few of each and I'll throw my .02 in.

For many years the RPLXi was the standard against which every other fly rod was measured. I own about 8 of them and they are flawless performers. I've never had one fail at any time.

The XI's are a faster, stronger, lighter stick that jumps ahead even further than the RP's.

I don't think you could go wrong with either, and there are some phenomenal deals on the RP's to be had.

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Recently scored an RPLXi 990-2, brand new in the tube w/warranty card for $ first Sage, always a Loomis/StCroix user, can't wait to try it out!
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Post a report when you do.
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surfrat, how do you like your new RPLXi?
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Doyle, sorry to sat it hasn't seen the water yet, only lawncasted. Based on the limited time I've played with it I have to agree with Bill's comments regarding the 10wt, the 9 also has a fairly soft tip but a strong midsection,with a 9wt Rio intermediate it needs to carry quite a bit of line to load for a long cast...I'm gonna try a 10wt SA striper intermediate on it, think it will suit the rod much better.
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I own an Xi2 in 10 wt and an RPLXi in 8 wt, so my comparison won't be a perfect comparison but I think it is still valid. I would place both rods in the moderately fast cataegory, but they have much different feels. The RPLXi feels a little stiffer or even dead in the butt section. I know that sounds harsh, but it is not meant to be harsh -I am referring to . It is just that the rod doesn't transmit as much feel of the rod loading as the Xi2 does. When using heavy sinking lines (LC-13, etc), the Xi2 feels like it bends farther into the rod than the RPLXi, but it doesn't look like it bends any farther. I can just feel it loading up more than I can with the RPLXi. Since, my timing slowly gets worse as I get tired (after a day or two of solid casting) the Xi2 is easier for me to cast since I can feel it deteriorating and make the necessary adjustments. It may not make as much difference if you don't have this problem.
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