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Winter Trout Fishing Destinations: PA

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Anybody here travel to some of the creeks in PA for a winter trout fix? I'm currently planning about 4 trips. I've settled on the Little Lehigh and the Little Juniata. Anybody else have any favorites?

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Try the Bushkill north of Easton Pa.
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2nd that. (N. of Stroudsburg ?)

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How far up the Bushkill? I used to fish the creek mouth by where it dumps into the Deleware for smallies.
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I think ressica falls is open in winter. 6mi. fly-fish only. Need to check in at office.
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I enjoyed the Yellow Breeches up in Mt Joy PA when I winter fished for trout a very long time ago. You need to focus on the limestone creeks at this time.
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Jim B I've had luck in the winter from I believe Palmer Twp up to and past Stroudsburg. As long as there is no ice there should be fish available.
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I would say the best winter streams in Pa are first the Little Lehigh, then Big Spring in Newville Pa just past the Breeches, Lastly I would say Spring creek up by State College. These are all great winter limestoners.
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The Little Leigh is a great place to fish thru the winter. The tail waters from Blue Marsh Dam near Reading is one you guys missed.It is the Tulpahocken Creek(sp?)and also has a fly fishing stretch.
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i'm not sure about this,but i heard the tully,the artifial only stretch,just below the overflow area was closed after 9/11.don't ask me why anyone would try,or could even attempt to blow that damn would take a tank for that.then maybe.i heard this from the orvis dealer in new ringold.

there are tons of lesser known small trout stream all over Pa.several branches of the locust,the little schuylkill,fishing creek,and the swatara to name a few.shoot me an e-mail if ya wanna hook up for a day out.i've been out of the trout fishing ring for awhile.but i'm sure i could find you a few fish.

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One caveat: the Little Lehigh can become very crowded along the fly stretch, and so can "The Ditch" at Big Spring.
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Hey Jim B,
Try the Lehigh River. If your interested email me and I'll point you in the right direction.
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