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Value of Reel

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I recently bought a fly fishing reel from a bait shop owner. The marking on the reel are as follows:

JW Young & Sons Ltd, Redditch England, Fifteen Hundred Series, 1540.

The reel is quite big and on the heavy side. I'm thinking it is spey rod reel?

Can someone tell me what this reel is worth?

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I don't know the value of that reel. Young has been around for a long time. I have a circa 1966 5wt size that is sturdy and heavy. They made some contract reels for a few American companies.
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It occurs to me that there gotta be a website or three for reels as collectibles, or for collectible hardware as such ... anyway. Fly reels are simple to make, and any ambitious machinist can make his own. There are a zillion fly reel makers out there. I've heard of Young, I think as the source for another reel, but darned if I recall which one.
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Actually the old sage reels were manufactured by JW young. They made nice reels but never the Quality of Hardy. They are not really collected much, especially here in the states. Prices are much lower that comprable Hardy reels. Check out ORCA the old reel collectors club they have a website.
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Thank you all for your replies. Not really being familiar with reel collection and from some intial observations from the internet, I don't think now that this particular model is worth as much as I orginally thought. For one, the markings are not engrave or machine stamped. The way I would describe this reel is that it is simiar to the largest Plueger Medalist Rim Control reel, the 1598 model, but this JW Young is bigger in diameter and wider and hefty in weight.

Anyway, I bought the reel for $30.00, in fairly good condition (just needs some minor cleaning), mechanically intact with a fair drag, loaded with fly line (line still slick as if it is new) with backing included. So just with that, I think I still got a deal.
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I never heard the Sage reels were made by Young. I thought they were Hardy and Loop.
Young made them for Garcia and Shakespeare.
Can you tell us more?
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Hey there!

I have the same reel (1540) which I bought in the U.K. back in the early 80's. I cant remember what I paid. I have a couple of spare spools also.

If you do a Google search on "JW Young 1500 series", you'll get a link to Drury House Antiques in Vermont. They are listing a Model 1535 in original box for $175 (yes you did get a good deal )

They claim that its comparable to $400-$600 reels of today which I seriously doubt. The 1540 is a lovely old reel which works fine in a freshwater environment. The drag mechanism is pretty basic and there's no way the reel would stand up to the rigors of saltwater.

It looks like they are still available today marketed through a company called Masterline.
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Originally posted by spook:
I never heard the Sage reels were made by Young. I thought they were Hardy and Loop.
Young made them for Garcia and Shakespeare.
Can you tell us more?
They were called Model 106 or model 106M I'm pretty sure there might have been more models but the 106 is the only ones I ever saw. They were heavy and made in England that's about all there was to say about them.
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Hey,thanks for the information. Yea, the picture of the reel for sale from the Drury House is the same exact model I have.

The bait shop owner had the reel on display but it was obstructed by other used no name spin and conventional/drum reels. He told me he had it on display for about 5 years and no one paid any attention to it.

For $175.00....I'm a happy camper!
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I recently recieved a 5wt young and sons reel. It is the 1500 serries also, and im wondering how much that is worth?

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This reel is a good working salt water fly reel if used with a 10-12 weight line.

A JW Young reel was lauded by Billy Pate (I think) many years ago as amongst the best he had used at that time. Whilst never of the same perceived qulaity of Hardy (never marketed as such either) they were well engineered, simple and robust. That may reels are stil in servcie after more than 50 years is testament to thier workmanship.

There is a new book being published this year by Medlar Press in the UK I believe.
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