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TSUNAMI Trophy Series rods... Any good??

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Bought an 8' Tsunami and seems nice for the price. Before I get a 10' version anyone have experience + or - with these? Concerned about dureability of the guides, and whatever else as well as how they fish. I have not had a chance to use the one I bought. Thanks.
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its a decent rod for a good price.i had guide problems on one that i used as a back-up and sold it, too many lami's that were solid performers so i didnt need a backup that i didnt feel as confident it. the rings popped out of the guides, pac bay guides i believe. just keep an eye on em
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i have two since im too poor to afford a lami.

i got a 10 foot 2 piece casting rod (65 from ramsey outdoor with coupon) for the price i am very happy with it. i have abu 6500 with 30 lb power pro and it cast 3 oz and biat nicely and a 3 oz kasmaster well. ihavent really used it enough to give a fully review but so far im happy.. i realyl like the cork grips that are generally only on the higher end rods..

i also have a 7'6" spinning tat ive been using al summer and i really like this rod for lighter stuff..

for the price of these rods and the performance and weight compaired to other similarly priced rods i realy like the tsunami trophy rods..
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I have two 9 to 9 1/2 feet surf rods and I love them. I use them on my kayak and from the shore.

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I"m very happy with my 9' spinning rod. I must have cracked one of the guides and called the company (it was over a year old). They said send it back for a new replacement. I had a new rod at my door in less than a week.

Good price, good value, excellent customer service. To me, this is a winner.
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I really love my 10 ft spinning. Picked it up as a Bday present for myself. Has a little more backbone than the Tica.
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I have their 9' spinning rod I use for plugging and it is an excellent rod. Why spend $200 when you can have the same rod for $75?
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Sooner or later the guides will crack.Replaced mine twice.Save up for a better rod.I won't buy again. Ya get what you pay for.
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Awsome rod, can't beat it for the money!!!!
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The rods perform great...but sometimes break from very little abuse. But...its no big deal. I have taken two broken tsunami rods back to the tackle store I bought them at and walked out with two brand new rods. Company is great with no questions asked returns and all you have to pay for is to ship the rod back to tsunami ($10). I love my tsunami rods for this reason. Using a rod for year (or more) and having it break and then getting a brand new rod for ($10) with no hassle...can't beat that.
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I've got the Tsunami TSTSS 1002MH and, although it's been relegated to backup duty and bunker snagging, I think that for the money it's a tough and very serviceable rod. Compared to the Tica and Okuma Solaris I think it's the best for all around plugging capable of throwing small Bombers to big wood. I abused the %$#% outa mine and it's still going strong.

The weak points I've seen:
The tip is fragile, I had to replace it after the first trip. Accidently tapped it against a rock and the ceramic cracked
It stinks for pencil popping, the action is much too fast with little flex in the upper mid-section of the rod.
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They are graphite / glass composite, right?
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i have a 7' tsunami spinner that i got brand new off of ebay for under $20. i love it. for the money, it's a nice rod. if i find that the guides start to crack or the rings pop out, then i'll strip them all off, and re-wrap using fuji alconites. i like the blank a lot, and it fits a niche in my rod arsenal.
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The quality to price ratio cannot be beat. My fav light outfit right now is my 7 foot Loomis with a Sustain on it -- cost ~$400. My second fav light outfit is the TSTSS 7 footer with a Tica Libra on it -- cost ~$100.
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Better than Tica.
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