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Altenkirch rods any one have one?

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I was browsin LI tackle shops and I came across
Altenkirch 's in the hamptons. Does anyone have expeience with their custom rods?
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I own three, 9,10 & 11' GSB Lami blanks. Top rate rods wrapped by a master. Worth looking into, nothing to say but thumbs up.
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Altenkirch is a top knotch rod builder on L.I.they have been at it for as long as i can wont go wrong with one of thier rods.another excellent builder is Stan Henschel,Rocky Point Fishing Stop.he is also a surfcaster from way back.has a nicely stocked shop for the surfcaster also.
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Soleman' I had 2 rods built by a upstanding member of this board (BIG COUNTRY) who gave me a good price and excellent workmanship.

10'Lami 1201L and a 9'er. The man stands behind his work. I forget the name of the 9' blank but I'm sure he'll be glad to clue you in on what he uses.


P.S. I think it's called a Rainshadow

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Sorry I posted twice
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Yeah, let's keep it in teh family, support board members!!!

lol, another shameless plug.
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stan at RP fishing stops rods are great. good shop too, im lucky i live like 8 mins from there
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Altenkircks sucks!! it is a shadow of what it used to be when Hank's father ran it. The guy doesn't wrap himself and has kids sometimes build behind the shop. Go with Stan a guy I know personally for over 35 years, stands behind his product and actually fishes with them. If you need a shop in Hampton Bays; go see Don at East End. At least he still fishes and isn't living off his Fathers legacy. Rumor has it Altenkirks is closing so any guarantee you have will be short lived.
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Thanks for the info guys.......
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