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close second to Heddon Hellcat.....?

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Has anyone tried the Smithwick 4-1/8" floating Super Rogue yet in skinny water in spring for bass when they're on sandeels? I have long since lost my last Heddon Hellcat and have not found anything that is close to the skinny profile they had until I came across these.

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I have a suspender ( a bit heavier). I haven't really fished it. I also have some megabait triple hookers for that purpose.
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oh yeah!
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Originally posted by WBGelbke:

oh yeah!
Would you like that in LARGE or SMALL bills??

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Looks like the old rebel lures.
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Originally posted by Striperknight:
Looks like the old rebel lures.
Ahh, looks CAN be deceiving.... !

The Hellcat is a VERY thin, light swimmer that is DEADLY on bass feeding on sandeels. They float much higher than a Rebel.

I recall one late June night at Caumsett S.P. with fish popping all over (this was in the late 90's folks!), and all they wanted was those friggin' Hellcats!! I tried 4" Rebels, nuthin' except a few bumps. Forget even trying a 5" Bomber in situations like these, too fat! Problem with the Hellcats was the VERY fragile plastic lip and weak construction overall, but MAN did they work...I wish they came back...

BTW, that silver with blue back color is hot!

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DarterMan -
Interesting comment. One inky black night at Caumsett the bass would only take blue back Bombers and wouldn't touch a black back or any other color, just the blue. You'd think being that dark out that a color difference that slight wouldn't make a difference but it did. Silhouette I could see but the difference between the blue and the black... go figure. The blue preference went on for weeks.
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That's why I NEVER agreed with those who say "forget color" (are you reading this, Doc Muller?)

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DarterMan, picked up a few because they do look very similar to the Hellcat 48 profile. I didn't try it yet but my HC supply is running low. The hooks definately have to be changed on them though.I'll weigh the hooks on a digital scale and see what size VMC hooks will work.
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Alright. this is a little too early in the A.M. to do this but here it goes.
Took a Smithwick Super Rogue (suspender-5") and removed the 3 hooks and replaced them with VMC #2 hooks. The weight was .59 oz. Compared it to the HC48 with the same modification and the weight was .48 oz.The HC is about 1/2" longer also but profiles are almost identical.The split ring should probably be upgraded on the Super Rogue as well.If they catch fish anywhere near the HC and if the actually stay together will be a future field test.
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What about C-B's? I think I have about a dozen or so of these. They are THIN. I'm not really sure who makes 'em but they say C-B on the lip.
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Wow!! I did'nt know that I had such a great Striper plug in my tackle box. I guess one man's junk is another mans treasure. I bought one at a local tackle store years ago. I thought I would use it for Largemouth bass. I have never used the lure. I am definately going to try for Stripers here sometime. We don't have sand eels here on the west coast, but it should still work since it imitates a smelt and other baitfish that stripers eat here. I would probably try using it in the Bay and in the river. It probably would'nt work in the surf that we have here.

Tight Lines, Dave
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I've only got about 38 Hellcats left, and most are the originals. A little different than the remakes that Pradco and Whopper Stopper made when they bought the Co.

Hey DaveC, you got a few?

I really haven't use them in years, but I can remember the last time I did was a rainy day on Island Beach State Park and the sand eels were there. I caught 57 bass that afternoon, and that was during the dog days of striper fishing. Most guys didn't have 57 bass all year long back then.
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NORMAN JB3- color60
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