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Tranquilizer Darts for Hunting

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The recent thread about "How much fish is enough?" got me thinking. Since 4 fluke is more than enough to feed a family of four, perhaps we should use tranquilizer darts for hunting. One buck could be killed to feed dozens of hunters and the rest of the animals would get some much needed shut-eye for a couple of hours, perhaps they'd even enjoy the high of the tranquilizer? The hunters would not lose the thrill of tracking the animals or adrenaline rush of hitting their targets, yet the animals would be saved. At the end of the day one buck gets divvied into family size bags of 2 pounds of meat and all the hunters take some home for their families. After all, when you go to the grocery store you don't eat the same thing 3 days in a row.
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They do it in Africa with endangered species. They charge thousands to dart a rhino, with a portion of the cost going to breeding programs and habitat acquisition. Works very well.
As for deer, I kill and eat 6-8 a year, so that wouldn't work for me.
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Naw wouldn't work! There would be to many self inflicted dart shots.
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Red meat happens to freeze a lot better than fish

Besides, the fact that need a license and have to take a test and a hunter ed course keeps the number of hunters in NJ down to only about 500% more than can safely hunt in NJ

I gave it up hunting public land in NJ many years ago - it's not hunting - it's crowds driving any living thing into walls of shotgun blasts - people, too

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I've been using tranquilizers for deer for a long time. My favorites are made by Nosler, they're called partitions, puts 'em to sleep every time.
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I use a .308 tranquilizer. It knocks them out dead.
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I will not take the bait
But if you show up at the Beach Clean-up at SharK River on 4/20 I would be more than happy to discuss deer management with you.
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I will be out of town for the cleanup, but I a little about deer management anyway. My post was not meant to be serious, notice the at the end. Who knows? Maybe the fish stocks should be culled also? Kill a striper, save a flounder and a blackfish...
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