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Okuma anti-reverse failure?

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What would cause the anti-reverse to fail on my new Okuma Aveon 45 spinning reel.

While fishing yesterday morning (North Shore, LI)the anti-reverse became intermitten, fine one minute gone the next. The reel was not submerged in the surf just a little spray and light rain on it, if that has anything to do with it. Or could it be an internal component failure of some kind?
Aside from breaking the reel down to inspect it, what should I do?

Any help or comments would greatly be appreciated. thanks

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You could have some grease that got into the roller bearing, causing the individual rollers to slip and skip.
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My Epixor 50 did this in Mid-August. I switched out the reel. Only problem that I have had with my okuma's. Not sure of the reason, but it just got progressively worse over the course of a hour, until Still under warrenty so I will be taking it to the local warrenty center. Luckily thats only 30 miles away.
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Probably too much grease on the AIR rollers I had a similar problem with one of my Tica's. The instant anti reverse just wasn't instant enough and occasionally would rotate almost a full turn before it would grab and the cold weather made it worse. Bring it back and get another one or you will have to open it up clean the bearing and oil it.
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Thanks guys

Had the reel inside house overnight to "dry out" seems to have helped because anti-reverse is now working, go figure. Thats why I thought it might be a water or moisture issue, probably water is mixing with the grease/lube inside the reel causing slippage.

It's an Okuma not a Van Staal, right.

we will monitor the situation and bring it in if things do not change for the better.
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