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Braid vs. Mono... Pros and Cons

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Out of about 15 years of fishing i have found many pros and cons between the both... heres how i see it... and to be fair, im on the fence on this issue, because im about to get a new outfit and am trying to decide what to put on it...

Braid : Pros -
- Very little to no memory -Much like my grandfather, Braid has little or no memory. Very castable, flows through the guides smooth, little memory in the line helps keep the line flowing through the guides well and reduces slack encountered when mono loops.
- Very sensitive. Because it has very little or no stretch to it, you can feel every rock, bump,or structure
- Small Diameter/High strength allows you to load more line onto a reel that would take less mono of the same strength
- High strength. There are no weaknesses put into the line from pulling(not abrasion). Where mono stretches and kinks, braid will not, which doesn't create these stress points.
- Knots and bird's nests CAN be easier. Don't eat me alive on this, because with any line knots suck.. But i have found that on braid many times you can, with enough pressure, pull and pop a knot out of the line...
- Knots are stronger. The knots to attach your lure to the line are incredibly strong, and again, because of the no stretch or distortion of braid, i have rarely(twice-EVER) had line break at the knot.
Cons -
- Very subseptable to abbrasion - Braids are very easily broken by sharp things. Mono is as well, but not nearly as much as braid. eg.- take 30 # mono leader and 30# braid to a knife... fold it over the blade and start to slide it... the braid will break very quickly, while the mono will take more pressure and more sliding.
- WATCH YOUR HANDS! don't get it wrapped around anywhere on your body with anything pulling, or kiss that part goodbye. EASILY slices through skin and hurts like a #^%*. ***One boat i went on wouldn't let me use my rod because i had PP on***
- Much more the fish. Doesn't have the "Dissapearing" ability many mono lines do.
- Shock. As much as the no stretch ability allows you to feel the bottom, it also hurts because it doesn't absorbe the shock of setting a hook and such, putting stress on your gear, your body, and ANY weak points in the line, including the knot.
- abrasion. Because some brands, such as PP, can have a somewhat abrasive feel to them, i have found that the eat up my rod guides a bit faster, especially the tip. Both my poles had huge knicks in the top guide's ceramic, which then proceeded to fall out in pieces... on both

Mono : Pros -
- Absorbs Shock better than braid.
- Blends into the water well. Fish have a much harder time seeing mono as they do braid, which is why many guys who use braid are forced to use mono or flouro leaders.
- Pretty colors
- Cheaper. Bottom line, some people can't afford to use braid all the time.
- Abrasion resistant - Even though mono will break on sharp things, it can take more abuse than a braid can. Bluefish will slice through braid like butter, but will slowly shred away a mono leader.
- You can cut it with your teeth! Don't even try this with braid, not gonna happen. Although it can get painful above 30#, i have seen some old timers slice through 100# with one chomp... I actually met a guy who had his right front tooth sharpened slightly to make it easier to cut heavy line.. thats hardcore.
- Won't slice through your hands or your gear. Simply put, braid hurts things. Mono is smooth and, of course depending on the pressure, won't slice through your hand like braid and won't slowly chew up your rod guides.

Cons -
- Stress points form in mono from Kinks, knots, stretch, and abrasion. a kink in the line from a pulled out birds nest or knot or simply the knot at the lure, and stetch from fighting a fish, tightening a knot, or just pulling on it, all cause stress points that weaken mono. These stress points are the most likely points at which the mono will break.
- Memory. Probably the main thing people hate about mono. Mono has the ability to conform to the shape it is kept in.... in this case, on a reel. The memory gets worse over time, and worse the cheaper of a brand you buy. Memory can make line unfishable at times, and also hinders the castabillity of the line. When the memory is severe, the looping of the line causes extra slack due to the fact that extra line is being pulled of the spool. This slack can also lower the power of a hookset because the line is not taught.
- Thicker/Not as strong. Mono depends on the thickness of the line for strength, whereas braid doesn't neccessarily have to worry about size.thicker mono is stronger, but you can't load as much on your spool, can't cast it as easily, and knots are more difficult to tie.
- Doesn't last as long as braid. IMHO, mono deteriorates faster than braid, especially in salt water.

Well there ya go... this is what i have found over the years of fishing with both braid and mono... feel free to add to it, i hope it helps some of you guys out there !
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BTW, please reply and lemme know what you think... i worked real hard on this post! I want your opinion on my work too, TimS!!!
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Braid all the way...I'll never go back to fishing Mono.Mono might be cheaper initially, but I used to respool all my rods a few times a year(starts to add up after a while).I use a Mono leader & Blues hit the back of the plug so rarely do they cut off my line.Many more rods & reels are now Braid friendly so the way the line lays on the spool, & guide issues are not a big concern.I think with the many more pros of using's an easy chiose.
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Fishy Fishy,

Well you seem to have covered all the bases. At the end of the day it is down to the individual.
All my Striper fishing is with lures or live eels so the choice is easy Braid. The higher cost of braid is balanced by the fact I don't have to respool so often.

I have never been convinced that Fish have a hard time seeing mono. Heck my shot to pieces eyes can see it both in and out of the water so I am convinced a fish can see it to. What may be more important than visability is the effect that the stiffnes of a line can have on your presentation be it lure or bait. Mono in even 15lb test can be quite stiff and a drop down to say 10lbs test can suddenly make a difference to no of takes/bites.
Nice comparison table. I enjoyed reading it, thanks

Mike O.
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After going with braid for the surf, using mono feels like fishing with a rubber band.
Well done "here fishy fishy"
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thanks guys
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I spooled with braid the first time this summer. I don't think visibility is an issue with salt.

From other posts, I read that sharks don't see braid and just slice through it without knowing it while swimming along with their mouths open.

I couldn't see working a plug or jig without it. Maybe there is an advantage to using mono if you are bait fishing in a holder and it might give you more time to get to your rod before it goes down the beach.
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Depending on your targeted species and depth you are fishing I have found braid to have so many more advantages then draw backs especially when fishing deeper water 70 - 300 ft.

If you are targeting bottom dwellers such as blackfish, seabass and fluke, or fishing deep water for cod the braid igives you the sensitivity that you can feel every little crevice, hump and hole. Once you develope the feel of the difference between the bottom and a fish it makes a huge difference in your catch. The fishing line becomes an extension of your arm and you can visualize what is going on below you without seeing it with your eyes. The smaler diameter also let's you get away with much less weight on your sinkers and bucktails/jigs.

Also when fishing braid for species that make sudden runs you must adjust your drag. This will reduce pulling hooks because of lack of stretch in the line.
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From what I've been reading, visabililty isn't an issue. I also use about 10-12 foot leader of mono whether its lures or rigs.
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not sure how many people will agree or disagree with this but for those that chuck bait there is one advantage for mono disatvantage for braid

braid has no streatch so it requires more wieght to hold bottom since wave and wind action wil cause the braid to pull the wieght, mono will stretch before it pulls the weight.. the slight argument is diameter, braid is thiner so similar weight lines (mono/braid) wont be effected by the wind and waves as much and i will still go with braid for hook setting and bite sensativity
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I fish braid side by side with my buddies who fish mono....I can hold the bottom while fishing bait, with no more weight than they use.
I used to use PP but had a lot of break offs.
Taking advice from this board I switched to Stren super braid- W O W !!!!
The line is soft (not stiff like pp), and round.
It does not leave all the colour- dust residue that PP does and, I have not had one single break off since I switched.
Bait or plugs it's braid for me....forget all that clear curly stretchy stuff!
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I am very sharp with mono.
if I switch to braid then the fish will be at a very big disadvantage,I wish to keep it sporting on my part so I stay with mono "spiderline"
slams the hell out of them when I swing on `em,,
you got it nailed right on bro,good comparison I`d say.

cheers M8

I Mono "spiderline"
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I hear Spiderwire Stealth is improvement over PP lines specially being easy on the equipments and castability.
I am using PP right now but can't wait to try SS.
Anyone tried both? Comments?


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I agree with every thing said so far. But, fishing with mono is like running in traffic with a blindfold on.
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Originally posted by Gundalba:
I hear Spiderwire Stealth is improvement over PP lines specially being easy on the equipments and castability.
I am using PP right now but can't wait to try SS.
Anyone tried both? Comments?


i just switched one of my rigs from PP to stealth, the stealth is thicker @ the same lb. test so it doesnt cast as well as the PP but everything else about the stealth seems to be good. i liked the power pro more except i was having problems with lots of twisting and it eventualy led to ALOT of wind knots in one week. i tried several things like re loading the reel as tight as possible and always close my bail by hand but still more wind knots..

i still use PP on my conventional reel with no problems yet..
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