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Getting Spooled (Anyone Ever Get Spooled)

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Seriously and honestly? Ever been spooled?? I have never seen it but fishing one morning with buddy Gary (nebie). We both landed stripers from 20 - 29 inches. Having a good time. There were NO boats around and NO seals around. It was near low and the water was calm on this inlet. Long story short, Gary gets hit!! So I keep an eye on him, rod is bending pretty damn good and his reel is like tick, tick, tick...szzzzzzzzzzz! He is now walking toward the water with this thing pulling line and him faster and harder than anything I have ever seen. He had a shimano stratic with a 8 ft st. croix. Kid never touched the drag which by the way didn't much engage with any of his earlier action. So it pulled line of like a freakin rocket he was walking toward the water and then the drag speed up even faster tipp POP! Gary feel on his ass with a broken line. I was freaked out Like what the blank was that??? Anyone get spooled? Anyone have a clue to what that was. No it wan't a boat or a seal.

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probably a shark (brown/dusky) if it was REAL fast. cownose rays start off slow and gain momentum. they don't swim nearly as fast as sharks do when they run. and bass are not that fast either.

what was it caught on? and where was this.

sharks don't usually hit plugs.
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Was supposed to hear from Glub glub to fish with him. No call, no PM and he didn't answer his phone. OK I believe ya gotta fish when ya get the chance. So I was going no matter what. Wanted to go north but, not knowing anywhere well enough I wasn't gonna head that way on my own. I haven't fished LBI since before the Spring Fling, it's my home base so I went there. As I got my stuff together I couldn't find my lucky hat (white SOL hat I had made for the first Food Fling) Grabbed a new Pop's Fleyes hat I got a week ago(new Mojo ). It was raining when I got on the island. Headed north, stopped part way up at a spot I like. Picked up a short bass along a jetty. Nothing else headed north again. Got up to the south jetty, foggy & rainy. Have on a new school bus bomber and a school bus hackle deceiver teaser I just got from Tim. First cast the teaser tangles on the main line and I smash the bomber into the rocks right in front of me. The back of the plug beaks and the rear treble is gone. Great, I take it off and stuff it in my bag. My go to plug is gone for the day. I grab a checken scratch one next. I wanna see what's around if anything. No hit's, no one around. Jetty is all mine, I work out towards the tip. I put on a Fixter yellow/white. I toss it out, work it along the rocks. Working a fan from this spot I toss it out into the inlet a little farther away from the rocks. Start the retreive and there's a jerk as something hits either the plug or the teaser. I don't know which, incoming tide the fish takes off in the inlet. I can't stop it and I'm moving down the rocks towards the lighhouse. I hear a small pop and look down at the reel and there's nothing left. SPOOLED for the first time. Major league pissed too. A semi new Fixter GONE. A new SOL teaser I just got GONE too. No line left and nothing to do. I look at the inlet and just curse. I walk back to my truck for my other reel.
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Chief, good stuff man! Love the picture!!

JohnD, We were up in the Esses Mass area. At that time Gary had on chunk-O-herring. Maybe a shark?? I have fished this spot since 1991 and have caught, bass, blues, fluke, skates, once a lobster. Oh we had caught sand sharks every couple years. I swear it was faster than anything I had seen. I have never caught albies or false albacore but I hear those suckers move!!!???
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albies move out but chances are it was a shark if it was caught on a herring chunk.
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I had a 6500 Abu loaded with 17 lb mono stripped 2 summers ago. I usually use one of my squidders when I soak bait, but this particular evening for some unknown reason I used a 10' rod with the Abu. Bunker chunk wasn't in the water 5 minutes when I had a pick-up. Set the hook, and this bastage took off for France.....fried the smoothies, too. Just one long run and it was over...pinnnng! Spool empty. Must have been a shark 'cause it took off a lot faster than any ray I've ever hooked. That's the most recent spooling. Had a tuna spool a 113-H once, but that one is for another day!!
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I got spooled by a black drum on a flyrod once.
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...was fishing one night my favourite spot... it was middle of the summer and it was beautifull out there... 3:30- 4 o'clock in the morning... rigged eels were hot so i had 6 in the bag for that night...
Had landed about a dozen bass and was having a GREAT time ... fish were feeding very good...

casted up-current and was letting riggie to sink into desireable depth... the tide was going out... suddenly felt very weak tap on my line - reeled in a little bit and nothing... Bounced the jig a couple times and reeled in... casted again... the same story... just this time after a weak tap i felt very powerfull pull... the fish was heading straight to the middle of the inlet... all that was happening in the back part of the inlet where it was wide enough for the fish to spool me...

8 ft St Croix and Daiwa SS 2600 spooled with 20# PP wasn't "beefy" enough for the monster... i knew it was a monster Ray... steady slow pull all the way... no stops for her, no gaining any amount of line for me... just watched the line on the spool dissapearing ... ... broke it off when i could get a hold of the mono backing...

went back to the truck - grabbed another reel and kept fishing... bass were still here... the rest of the morning i kept thinking about the power that the fish had ...
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18' Grady White
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18' Grady White
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Seriously, the same thing happened to me at Sore Thumb a year and a half ago. I too, when the line snapped went right on my a$$.
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seen one of my buddies get spooled by a 16' hrydrasport trolling a skier. never seen anyone spooled by a fish though, years ago i landed a brown shark about 4ft 25-30 pounds off montauks town beach, fought like a skate and i was suprised as hell when i slid her onto the sand.
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I don't know of any of my buds down here that haven't been through that. In our abundant waters we just never know exactly what is going to bite next. You have your target. You rig for that and hope that you don't get a 40# jack cravelle or something. Still, it will happen. The only way to prevent it would be to fish for trout using something like a Penn 6/0 rig. No can do. I can't count the number of times I've gotten an unexpected look at the spool of my Curado. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZIP...POW. the line sounds like a rifle shot when it pops.

I can't say that I like it much but no one can deny that for about 10 or 15 seconds there, you are getting the thrill you went fishing for, even if it ends badly.
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I got spooled by a cobia while casting to puppy drum and a few mystery fish. They're the worst because your imagination nags you forever.
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Not by a striper and not even in the salt but it was a thrill I can remeber like it was yesterday.

I was about 12 yrs. old fishing the Schuylkill River for carp in appx. late April or May. Using a 6 1/2' spinning combo and probably 10 or 12lb test. River was a little high as usual for Spring. Hooked what I am sure was a monster 40"+ carp that ran down river and I couldn't get it back. Too many trees on the bank to chase em so I kept tightening the drag but didn't want to break him off so I loosened it again. I made up some ground and then he sat in them middle of the river for a minute or two and rested. Then he ran down river like there was no tomorrow. I had no time to react. I got spooled

Only time in my life. I actually whish it would happen again. What a rush!
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