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Winter Fishing in NJ

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Is decent winter saltwater fishing in New Jersey i.e. Jersey City through the Shore. What are the target species? Bait/lure recommendations? Locations?

This is my first season and I'm feeling a bit down about not being able to hit the surf on the weekends.
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Back in the day, whiting and ling... :-(
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What do you mean "back in the day"? Are the whiting and ling not around or is there a closed season?

How long ago are we talking?
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hey right hook, there should be a real good shot at stripers on the south end of island beach north to normandy and ob3 inthe next week if the fish finally start making a move . This weekend was slow mostly shorts, but it should happen soon and it may be over quick ,still some blues around
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The only way to find out is to get out there and do it.
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Originally posted by Dave S:
The only way to find out is to get out there and do it.
No real point in going if he doesn't even know what species are out there.

Although, I guess casting a clam out will catch just about everything out there right now.
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There are fishable locatins in NJ in the winter time that I've been to before, but we don't give out specific spots here. Do some research online and maybe you'll figure out where to go.
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We could have Stripers and blackfish into January. Blackfish is an inshore wreck thing so jump on a party boat out of Belmar or Pt Pleasant to do this. The stripers should be in the surf thru christmas. Your best shot at catching them is fishing clams. But have some lures on hand. Give it a go and keep asking questions.
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The whiting and ling being referred to as "back in the day" is because they were wiped out and no longer hit the surf in any catchable numbers. If someone catches a single whiting from the surf it's headline news where as recently as the early/mid 90's you could fill buckets with ling and whiting from the local surf.

It's not a regulation thing - even though they barely exist anymore, even for the party boat fleets, there are still no bag limits or size limit for ling or whiting. This way when someone catches the last one, they can still put it in thier bucket

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Ya it's sad. I don't even see whiting for sale in the supermarkets these days. It was fun to put together a catch at night when it was so cold your snot froze to your face. The old man used to take me on january/february party boats during the 80's when I was a young lad. It always seemed the colder and more miserable it was, the better the fishing would be. I also remember whiting beaching themselves in the surf and freezing on the spot. We'd walk around and just pick some off the beach for dinner.
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Oh, and I haven't caught a whiting since '95.
I wonder if that will be the last one.
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righthook,check out december issue of saltwatersportsman.(magazine)big article about christmas stripers in jersey,mostly geared towards boat guys,but still lessons to be learned there.good luck.
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Great article! It's helpful to know that they're still out there and I'll be honing my technique (not just wetting my hooks).
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heh...that's funny.

i think i coulda caught a hundred whiting if i tried this year. they kept stealing my bait. and they were much much further north than you guys would expect.

they're still around, just gotta know where to look. here's a hint, check out the background:

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Isn't that a kingfish?
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