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Owl Snot

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Well, down here in NC, we've got this little screech owl. He's got a body about 10" tall with a wing span of about 3 feet. Meanest little cuss you'll ever find. But, they tend to have allegeries to piney woods where they live. So, the buggers little nose runs all the time. Just slip up on him wipe his nose and you've got some super slick lube.....if you get your hand back
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Man, you guys down there must have too much time on your hands!!!
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Owl snot huh, sounds like snipe hunting to me. You get a bag and a flash light, so and so forth.
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Thank you, FH, for clearing that up for me.
I had no idea owls came that large. Angling is a good way to learn about natural phenomena that otherwise draw little comment. Last year, while fishing at Democrat Point, I saw some unfortunate wretch holding on for dear life inside a Suzuki Samurai that he'd driven on the beach, while six mosquitoes rocked it back and forth in an effort to get him out. It's the sort of moment that made me wish I'd brought a camera.
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Oh yeah!?Well around these parts this is what we call catch and release fishing.
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Naw, them screechers are the little boogers. I was awaken one nite a few years back to my 120lb doberman yelping and howling for dear life. When I got the gun and got out to the back, a hoot owl was latched onto his shoulders trying to carry him off. This one had about a 6' wingspan and one gosh awful set of talons on him. It took 30 odd stitches
to close the wounds.

But, that owl snot sure works wonders as reel oil and such.
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Nice to hear we have folks from God's country/ welcome fishhunter!! These yankees are on a different wavelength- you gotta be persistent...they'll come along.
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We use to have screech owls around here.Yup,they was tasty.Claws are good for pickin yer teeth too.
You ain't tried nuthin til you had a South Philly cheese owl.
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10x10: you haven't lived until you hunt for snarks (correct spelling) with a frog gig. They are always around the faraway swamp areas but accessible with a car.

Make sure that you apply DEET to your date's skin as she has never been snark hunting in ravenous mosquito infested swamps. You can feel her heart pounding as you apply the repellant to her chest- she's very worried about the remote area and the elusive quarry that you are both pursuing.

to be continued...

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I await the conclusion with owly breath
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Wait a minute... is this you guys on a double date snark hunt?Does your date do that back leg thing when you rub her chest?
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10X10: please be courteous to us southern boys and don't bring up our relationships with our farm animals or's not true...any of it!
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Do they have sheep in Kentucky ??
Baa Baa Baby...
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10x10, south philly cheese owl. My six year old almost wet his pants............
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kml: hardly any sheep but a lot of cows. you have to use a step stool for those Holsteins...I mean, none of it is true, nonoe of it!
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