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I guess with all this cold weather the Sand Eels are spawning like mad. May make for a spectacular year in the surf. Can anyone elaborate on the effect cold has on Sand Eel spawning?


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You sure that's a sandeel? The nose looks wrong, and the color not quite right.
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Maybe a ... darn. A fish native to sargassum. Guys?
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Looks like a baby needlefish/houndfish

Mike L
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It's a pipefish...related to a seahorse...not a sandeel the mouth is all wrong as is the length/girth ratio!
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A baby needlefish ,for sure

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Good call! It's a pipefish, but the closest thing to a sand eel I could find in my picture album! These Northern Pipefish (Syngnathus fuscus) were very abundant all along the south shore of LI (inlets) this past fall. I caught way too many bass vomiting these things.

Nevertheless, can anyone elaborate on the way cold weather might effect eel spawning? Or, Northern Pipefish Spawns if you know?

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Um, sandeel must be a northern thing, cause Iv never seen them down here in south Jersey...

Some please explain!
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This kind of winter the last time had some great sandeel populations in LIS. There was even a humpback feeding up along West Meadow Beach. Pre-dawn my friend Mike O' and I would have lots of fish pegging sandeels in the shallows at a nearby point.
I'm with ya on this one kid.
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i have seen sandeels in the surf as early as mid april. I'm no sandeel expert but i've always believed they begin to infiltrate the surf later on during the season..once the temps hit about 60 degrees or so. But, a few years back, i found them in April..water temperature was around 48-51 degrees. I couldnt believe my eyes.
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