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Surf Fishing in Virginia Beach

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I'm taking the family to Virginia Beach next week and I was hoping to wet a line from the surf a few times. I was hoping for some info on decent spots, lures, bait, tackle shops, regulations, etc. Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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i fished the VA beach area a few times and had some good luck....not with bass but croakers and weakies..spotted sea trout as they call them...on the north westerly part of VA beach there is an inlet, the road its on takes you back to the CBBridge, i forget the name but the bridge is a short, but tall brige. Fish under this bridge with finese and other goddies and you should do ok...

may the fish be with you!
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The bridge of which he speaks is the Lesner Bridge which goes over the Lynhaven Inlet it is RT60 or Shore Drive. There used to be free parking at the Duck Inn which is on the NW side of the bridge (Ches Bay on North). I haven't fished there for many years but there are many who still do.


PS there is a nasty drop off under the bridge and the current is deadly. Be careful if you intend on wading there. Once you get 50+ yards outside of the bridge things get much more reasonbable.
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You can still park at the Duck Inn and walk over to the bridge. The other places with the best chances for action are at Rudee Inlet and at Fort Story, where you can park in several places and fish at the Entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. At this time of year it will still mostly be "summer fishing" although the stripers will be in by later in September. I am intersted in seeing what this new beach replenishment has done to the jetty at the inlet. Good luck.
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Check out the Virginia Board on Lots of people who fish Virginia Beach and the lower Chesapeake post reports there. Also see the "Hot Spots" section, which has descriptions of Willoughby Spit, Fort Story beach, Rudee Inlet, Lynnhaven Inlet (Lesner Bridge) and Sandbridge beach--plus all the local piers. There are some Redfish (puppy drum) showing up in the lower Bay (I caught a 27" puppy yesterday on a Fin-S minnow). There is a nice little stretch of beach just south of the mouth of Rudee that doesn't have many surfers because of the breakwater. This area is called Croatan. Unfortunately, the only public parking lot is down at the opposite end of Crotan, although there are a few (very few) places where you can park on the steet that is one block back from the beach front street.
Only tackle shop close to the Va. Beach "strip," is on Va. Beach Blvd just east of Pacific Ave. There are places to get bait and terminal tackle at Rudee Inlet. There are a few decent tackle shops near Lynhaven Inlet, notably Lighthouse tackle, on Shore Drive about two blocks east of the entrance to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.
If you want to get away from the strip, it's probably worth a drive down to Sandbridge and Little Island pier area. (listed in "hot spots" on web site above), or hopping over the bridge tunnel to the Eastern Shore.
Hope this helps
Dave G aka Sluf
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I checked out the pier and surf fishing at Sandbridge and Virginia Beach a couple weeks ago. Most of the fishermen seem to be tourists a little out of their element. They occasionally catch small bluefish and croaker. There are also some tourists on the piers with their spincasting outfits. The pros though are equipped in a big way. Special pier carts with rod holders, Cheapo surf spinning outfits for casting out a sinker, 6/0 outfits that clip onto the spinning outfit's line, castnest and livewells for catching/keeping herring or bluefish from the end of the pier, big nets, etc. If they catch a couple shark, amberjack, tarpon, cobia or king mackerel a year, it's good. The Virginia state record king came from the Sandbridge pier a couple years ago. For blue fish and spanish mackerel they use a light spinning outfit to throw a Gotcha plug. You hold the rod butt like you are trying to jam the tip into the ground and quickly jig the Gotcha back. Amazing plug action. Some crabbing too.

The partyboats out of Rudee Inlet are tourist boats. 4 hour trips for enough 10" croaker to sink the boat. Then the long line for fish cleaning at $.50/lb.

If you need basic tackle or anything, the Super Walmart in Sandbridge is open 24/7 and about 15 minutes from VA Beach. The VA Beach pier is also 24/7.

I'd focus on golf. Hell's Pointe in Sandbridge is a really nice Reese Jones course for not much money.
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Can anyone tell me whats running in like early to mid september? We r going to va beach for a bachelor party and was wondering what i could try my luck at down there around that time
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there are lots of croakers, weakfish, bluefish and ect... 

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Check out vb sport fishing pretty good reports.
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