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How do you hang your waders?

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Upside down, right side up, folded up (not good!)? I've got waist high boot foot. Thought of getting a couple of hangers with the spring clips to hang them right side up, but thought the weight of the boots would stretch the neoprene. Right now they are upside down, stuck between the cross braces of the joists in my basement. That's okay, but don't really like it, as the boots are sort of wedged in and I'm afraid of holes or deformaties. Any ideas, suggestions?
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Why not get wader hangers which hang them by the boot upside down. I believe they come in a few varieties. Mine is made out of heavy wire (shaped like an "S" I think) and has a chain and hook to hang from a clothing pole or nail. Others are plastic. Works for me.
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I agree with TomD. I've been hanging mine upside down by the boots for a lot of years and no problems with the method to date. Just DO NOT hang them near a heater.

Tight lines to ya.
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Wader hangers-under $2...sold by Jeros and others. Another alternative is a couple of 2 by 4 a little bit longer than the height of your waders. Nail them to a flat plank of wood, invert the waders and hang the waders upside down over the 2 by 4.

Joe G
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I flip 'em inside out, and let 'em dry, then turn them inside in and just hang 'em up. Works fine for me! Hanging them outside is a big plus too.


Team L&H
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I hang mine from a short piece of rope off an eye I screwed into the wall. Total cost: $0.75. Also, choose a cool, dark place. Don't hang them outside, even on a porch, or they will deteriorate.

I repair mine with silicon sealer.
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I leave mine rolled up in a ball in the back of my truck. I get at least 6 months out of a pair!
I never rinse them off either. The fish can smell the chlorine.
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Upside down on one of those cheap "heel hanger" things.
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Here is the old "Armor All" trick again..
I give my all rubber waders a good wipe down when they are brand new and the Armor All fills the pores with the stuff that helps keep the salts out. My one year warranty Pro Line #104 cheapies lasted 6 years...
Hanging them upside down or right side up isn't as important as avoiding the garage.
Oil fumes and gasoline fumes will break down the rubber coating in short order...As will ozone from heaters, boot foot dryers, and sunlight outside etc...
All I can say is it worked for me.

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was it just one application with the armorall or is it an annual thing?
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I had the same problem. In order to hang them upside down, I took some 3/4" plywood and made two cutouts for the ankle part of the boot to fit in and lined the wood edges with felt. I found the center of balance on the board and strung through some light line. Now I can hang 'em anywhere.
post #12 of 24 you emit an ArmorAll "slick" when you set foot in the water?


Team L&H
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Hey Rhodster, where ya been? Is the Armour All for neoprene as well?

Thanks guys, got a bunch of ideas now. Thought about the plywood/cubby hole thing. Like the upright 2x4 ideas. Sweetwater, where do you tie 'em, just around the ankle? I gotta look around the basement for a good spot and then decide which way to go. My basement will be good, cool, dry, and dark most of the time.
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Hangin went out with the old west, if their outa line I'll give them probation. If that is not effective, I'll put them in the lock up to see if they change there tune.

Oops different topic I hang mine in the barn with them “S†hook things I got for about $2 at SA.

Ed J
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Steve: I put the ball of one boot into the arch of the other and loop the rope around both at the arch. If you loop the rope around the ankles you may cut off the air to the feet and create a really musty environment in there.

And remember to wash those liners periodically. I speak from experience here folks...
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