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Bonefish/permit lures for spinning gear???

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What should I be buying???

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If you really want a shot at them, buy bait.
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CPM go for small crabs and shrimp that's their diet. If you fly fish use imitations of the same.

Going to the Keys?????
Have a safe trip and happy holiday
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Look at the DOA line of lures. Good shrimp and crab imatations. But live is the best.
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Ditto the DOA shrimp. Little light to cast but an awesome imitation!
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For permit you almost need bait if you're not going to invest a huge amount of time, but bones can fall to jigs more easily...

Also, try asking your question here:
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Thanks boyz, bought a pantload of DOA's as well as some Back Bones this morning. Keys trips for me don't start until late Feb, but we have a couple others, Bahamas and Aruba, between now and then. I'm long-wanding 99% of the time, but I needed a spin back-up. Thanks again...

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I have used the jigs gami pictured for bones and they work well. Another option is using a fly with a split shot about 12-18" above the fly.
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I see there is some knowledge here for bonefish, I am sorry to change the subject but does anyone fish the Caymans? My sister lives in Grand Cayman and I plan on visiting this year. I am looking forward to all types of fishing when I go, especially the bonefish. Any input would be appreciated.

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GEE no but I go snorkeling when I went to the caymans.
Tried catching them with my hands...didn't work. Saw some large tarpon down there about 13", awsome.

enjoy and have a safe trip
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CMP you are goin to ARUBAAAAAA ?? YESSSSS
IF you want to go deep sea. Go to the marina the heart of town.One of the charters is named DRIFTWOOD. The Capt is the owner of the Driftwood Restaurant. I went down there in 2001
and went out for wahoo great trip..
I want to retire to ARUBA great weather out of the hurricane belt. Nicest people you;d want to meet. Been there 4 timesin past 5 years.
Safe trip and Enjoyyyyy!!!!
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It is a return trip for me as well-11 years running. I fish with another cap who is behind the Marriott (high rise). He does marlin when I'm on-board ...

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CMP, so you know as well as I do where all the good restaurants are my friend. And never have to worry about rain... well maybe for about 5 minutes. What is it 5" per year.
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My 2 faves are Le Dome and, of course, El Gaucho. Carlos & Charlies is a friggin hoot too. BTW, did you know about the bones, permit and cuda fishing on a certain series of flats? Heh he...

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C&C's ya go there last equivalent to Senor Frogs in cancun. Party till you drop.

Never ate there though. We also stayed at the Marriott in 8/95 our 25th ann. and in 10/2001.

Only went deep sea and snorkeling, never hit the flats.
I'll try it next time.
Thanks for the info
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