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Kevlar reinforced Reef Boots, ray proof?

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They are $100 and sold by Offshore Anglers.
Maybe they could be useful for a stingray and sea urchin infested place.
Has anyone used them? Who makes them?
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I haven't had the need for bulletproof booties...Yet.
These folks seem to have it covered and they are kind of in your neighborhood.
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Cabelas sells "Rayguards" @ $49.95 a pair.
They are made to fit over your wading/flats boots. Sorry,iv'e never had the chance to use a pair..maybe someday!
A lot of the southern/florida based fly shops stock them,a slash from a rays tail could definatly put a damper on your outing,besides the "blood slick" which could invite some very un-friendly teeth close in!
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Bob... Nice link!
Rick... I think I would go for the compleat protection of the boot. I have been stinged not by a ray but by a catfish that has the same type of spine and as long as a ray and it is painful. It is so painful that you "hear" a buzzing sound.
Thanks for your help!
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I've been there with the saltwater catfish sting, and the pain is so intense, you almost cannot comprehend it!

Believe it or not, soaking your foot in very hot water makes it go away quickly, IF the spine is not broken off in your flesh. But nothing is quick enough to ever let you forget that pain!

SLIDE your feet along the bottom, don't step! Could save your life...


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In baja I got so used to sliding my feet that I forgot how to walk. Rays were everywhere. VEry hot water is definately the ticket to stop the poison as Thill posted. Chota makes a Ray prof boot also. I figured when I got back down there I was going to have a pair with me.
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Sergio - I just picked up a pair of Christmas Island Wading Boots from Orvis that retail around $48.00. I plan on usin 'em next week in Florida. My friend down there swears by them as he has stepped on rays with no consequence cept a skipped heartbeat or two. My brother got nailed by a ray a couple of years ago, did not look like fun at all.
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Bobnofish - Those are some serious boots. I didn't know Darth Vader fished
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If I was wading in Florida I would be more worried about stepping on some A holes broken beer bottle or rusty can or some other piece of garbage than a ray.Frankly I don't see how you can step on a ray unless you're running,trying to,you're legally blind,or have no idea what that critter your about to step on is.I've been around countless rays of all sorts big and small and never had the slightest problem.Sea urchins however can be a real problem if they're those long-spined black ones.Fortunately you don't see those on flats too much.They seem to prefer hard corals.The little short stubby needled purple ones just get squished if you step on one.I've been on flats that were covered with those.To the point you crunch on every step.It's liking walking around on eggs.I use your standard ankle high flats bootie.I would recommend you wear long pants of some kind tucked into the boots.I use some tan colored cotton pants which are pretty comfortable and have pockets.Wearing shorts may look very photogenic but it definitely cuts down on where you can wade.Slogging through shin deep ooze with things living in it can't be much fun in shorts.
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10X10 try the Gulf coast side the beaches are very clean but countless numbers of unsuspecting beach goers get nailed by rays each year! They've even coined a phrase...
"the Sanibel Shuffle" refers to wading by draggin yer feet across the sand so as to give the bottom huggin' fellers a heads up that your heading their way
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A good friend is a chef down in Flordia. He grew up here, surf fished here and was good at it. Grad of CIA. He's there now and working in a restaurtent. He was fishin one evening and got nailed by a ray. He says real bad pain and his foot still isn't right. And more than a little tough to stand for more than an hour.
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Rays are a big problem among visitors to the north Florida coast.
At the lab we use a combination of intense hot water to ease the pain OR application of Adolph's Meat Tenderizer - yup - neutralises the protein found in the venom (just like breaking down the protein in your steak makes it tenderer!
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I have fished the flats of Sarasota Bay and Port Charlotte Harbor for over 30 years. In that time period I have been hit by two small rays. I was very lucky as the barb went up the side of my boot and not a direct hit. I use both the Orvis Christmas Island boot and the Chota kevlar with a neoprene stocking wader underneath. A ray's barb goes through those boots and the wader like a hot knife through butter. I have not used the Predator boot but I did take a look at them a Bass Pro. They looked kind of cumbersom.
The shuffle walk works but it just takes that one time of loosing your concentration when chasing a fish and lady luck runs out...PeteB

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Some say thats how the Dinosaurs baught it
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Sorry Guys that last post was ment for the discourse on the Monster Asteroid ...
Don't know what happened ......
Experiencing techical difficulties please stand by
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