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Sputnik Sinkers?

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I think there called "sputnik sinkers", there the ones that have the wires and the beads that 'snap' up to lock them.? I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place where I can get a mold for them? I've made a couple by drilling holes in other sinkers I have, but a mold would make it much easier. Thanks for your help!
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Hey J,
Fuhgetabout sputniks. Never saw one work right yet. They work best to tangle everyone elses line with yours when fishing close. Pyramids are best and Hatteras style work too. You gotta pick the right weight for the right current, situation, etc.IMHO

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sputnik sinkers have there time & place ;
1: NOT when fishing in crowds
2: when you need a weight greater than your rod is rated for, since a 3oz sputnik will hold better than a 3oz anything else (probally holds as well as a 5oz)
3: the wire arms need to be 'adjusted ' so they will release (sprung open a tad )
number 2 is probally the best reason I can give for these sinkers ; haven't used mine since I got the rods needed to handle any & all weights .they got me through some rough water when I didn't have the rods rated to throw ??& bait .
To answer your ? I think a Brittish site has a mold to make them ....will check & post the site .

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Don't bother with a mold. You only loose them if you snap off. Sports Authority has them for $1.89 each. They are the ones from Breakaway USA.
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breakaway has'em,theyre online,i use these at times with a homeade baitclip when i feel the urge to get more distance on my casts,the torpedo design does get you a nice far cast tho and the wires are nice untill you dig in a kelp bed,on my rig i use the clip that holds the weight and the hook which slips under another hook on the clip.its a pain to tye the hook lead the right length but they do keep the bait rig from looking like a huey spinning out on a cast.the thin weight is nice too as its aerodynamic,it aint rocket science but it works for me.i dont buy the clips i make mine from 1/16" carbon steel and two pair of make your own spider sinkers get some heavy copper wire,trim up 4" lengths and insert them in a 1/2" deep socket,set the socket on a flat steel plate and then pour your lead in center your loop for the line or rig while its molten with needle nose.when the tops flashed over drop it in a bucket of ice water and yank it out or tap it.usually they fall ya can bend your wires the way you want.the deep sockets can be a pain but you can also use a shorty in 3/4" socket for same results if ya just want the sinker to hold i said tho tye the hook lead so it fits nice,the weight when cast will stretch holding the baited hook ok so it wont come off till it splashes water.for me its easier ,cheaper and i dont have to wait days for a few plastic setups to do the same thing altho breakaways stuff is nice.
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Second Prefessa on that,have a couple also from Spts Auth. Have them in van,just in case..

eddie p
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I guess, from reading the above posts, that maybe I'm not using the right weights when I fish. I fish IBSP alot, and alot of times when I go the current seems to be to strong for my 6oz. pyramids. Being my bait poles are all rated for 6oz. max, I them switch to 6oz. sputniks which usually do the trick. I hear of guys using 8 - 12 ounces, but I'm retricted to the 6oz mark. Am I doing something wrong?
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jenty i never believe the rods info.nope i dont.i have some rods rated 1-6 oz and found that i could heave 8 and the rod still loads ok with out fear of a breakage.another rod i have is rated 1-6 oz and she whines please dont hit me im loaded to the max after a 4 oz bank sinker.experimenting is ok but dont load like gawdzilla on the rod at first,if she accepts it by the 3rd cast with a full tilt heave you should know your i only have med. to heavy actions and i wouldnt dare do it with a soft tipped rod.
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So I guess trying to heave 8 oz. on the old trout rod is unacceptable?
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You have it 100% correct! The Sputnik sinkers in 150 gm are the biggest you will ever need. On the last front I was at seabright. Now seabright is by far the place that is the hardest to hold bottom. I was fishing two rods, and just for the info I fished Sputniks on one rod and pyramids on the other. The 130 gm Sputnik(4 1/2 ounce) held as well as an 8 oz pyramid! I expect the 150 would be like throwing a 10 oz. If the surf is not rough I use Hatteras sinkers. Once I need six ounces or more the Sputniks come out.

BTW: Your bait counts! If yor rod is rated for six ounces then you must take into account that a clam weighs~1 1/2 ounces. So when you are throwing 6 you are really throwing ~8 OZ

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Heres where I got Mine 5 & 6 OZ get the Wires from them to, got my beads at Micheals Crafts

adjusti-moulds on left
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They're probably all set after 6 and a half years.
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