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how to fish with eels?

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after reading an article in fishing magazine i went out last night on some flats in my canoe for stripers. i recieved a liveliner reel from penn for my birthday and was eager to try eels.the article said to let them take it but not to long so you dont gut hook them. well the blues were running last night and out of six eels i only landed 2 blues all the others bit them right off under the head leaving a 1 or 2 of body. any way when my bail is spinning how long do i wait befor flicking off the live liner switch and getting them on my drag? thanks for any help
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bluefish would have bitten darn near anything, fishing for blues with eels is rather expensive....i fish eels in the summer for stripers

depending on the water, i tie a three way rig: four feet or so of 40 pound flourocarbon leader with a 5/0 or 6/0 gamakatsu circle or octopus hook

i then my sinker to the three way armature, using mono that is lighter than my main line...if you get snagged, you only lose the sinker...usually this line is a couple of feet long

then i look for a good gut where the current is running....head upstream from the spot you want to fish...drop your rig to the bottom, then crank it up 3 turns or so.....drift through and good luck
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Eeling when blues are around is a losing proposition. If you want to hook them, when you feel the first few rat-a-tat hits, drop your tip and let them take line (here's where your Liveliner helps). If they feel too much tension, they'll just chomp down and leave you with a cigar butt. You have to time it just right, and get them when they have the hook in the corner of the mouth, where they can't bite thru the leader. Too soon, and they'll leave you with an eel head. Too late, they'll have the hook down and bite thru the leader. Usually takes 5-10 seconds after you feel the first taps.

Of course, you could run a wire leader if you really want to hook blues. Sometimes wire makes any bass in the area leader-shy, and sometimes it doesn't.
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thank you for your help. the blues do put up quite a fight even though i was going for striper it was fun none the less to hook onto those blues
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